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FAO Liberia Newsletter - 5 April 2011

FAO Liberia Newsletter - 5 April 2011
Apr 2011

More than 125.000 refugees have entered into Liberia since the beginning of the crisis in Côte d’Ivoire in November 2010. The far majority stays with host families across the Ivorian border. Humanitarian partners have been working to support the food needs of Ivorian refugees but they continue to depend heavily on the support of their host communities. This situation has put immense pressure on the food security situation of refugees and host families alike. Food stocks have been depleted and some communities started consuming rice seeds.

FAO is supporting the food production needs of refugees and host communities alike. The organisation has distributed vegetable and short cycle crop seeds kits to refugees in the Bahn camp, while a larger scale distribution of rice seeds to host communities will take place next month before the local planting season.