Burundi - Situation report May 2016

Burundi - Situation report May 2016
May 2016

Key messages

  • As a result of the socio-political crisis and floods, rural and urban populations in Burundi have sold part of their assets, crops and small livestock, causing the deterioration of their already fragile livelihoods.
  • An estimated 90 000 people were affected by the El Niño phenomenon (heavy rains, strong winds, floods and landslides).
  • It is essential to support vulnerable populations to immediately resume agricultural activities, as well as farmers to remain in their fields ‒ when safe ‒ to ensure food production and restore livelihoods.
  • There is an urgent need for vulnerable households to access diversified sources of food and engage in income generating activities.
  • FAO urgently requires USD 3.35 million to support 50 000 households with emergency agricultural kits to ensure planting during season A (September‒October 2016).