South Sudan - Situation report 24 October 2016

South Sudan - Situation report 24 October 2016
Oct 2016

Key messages

  • In 2017, the food security situation in South Sudan is expected to deteriorate to unprecedented levels – the risk of famine is real for thousands of people in conflict-affected areas, against a background of widespread market failure.
  • The effects of renewed violence since July continued to be felt across the country – heightened tensions and violent clashes are restricting humanitarian access and displacing thousands of families from their homes and farms.
  • Livelihood support is critical for the most vulnerable populations to prevent asset depletion or reduce their adoption of negative coping mechanisms and reduce the number of people relying on food assistance for their survival in 2017.
  • The looting of FAO’s central warehouse in Juba resulted in the loss of USD 3 million in pre-positioned supplies. Livelihood inputs, in particular, must be urgently replaced if support is to be provided to vulnerable households during the dry season.
  • FAO is urgently seeking USD 28 million to expand the 2016 dry season campaign and initiate procurement for the 2017 main season campaign.