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 - Las amenazas naturales y los conflictos no solo están aumentando en términos de su intensidad y frecuencia, sino que a su paso también están dejando un volumen sin precedentes de necesidades humanitarias. Por una parte, los desastres naturales se están produciendo con una frecuencia casi cinco veces mayor que hace 40 años. ...read more
 - Au Mali, la campagne agricole de 2020/21 a démarré dans un contexte marqué par l’aggravation de la crise sécuritaire et alimentaire, par les impacts de la pandémie de la covid-19 et la crise sociopolitique qui ont notamment entrainé des déplacements massifs de population et une flambée des prix des hydrocarbures sur ...read more
 - This brochure provides an overview of FAO’s work in forced displacement contexts. It highlights key approaches to forced displacement programming and policy, including tailored approaches to partnership and data and evidence, with a view to achieving durable solutions to forced displacement for both displaced and host communities. Examples of FAO’s ...read more
 - Central America has been severely affected by a record-breaking hurricane season, with the passage of Category 4 Hurricane Eta across the region in early November 2020, followed by Category 5 Hurricane Iota about two weeks later with the strongest winds experienced in 127 years. The rains, strong winds, flash flooding ...read more
 - This report presents findings from a community participatory study conducted to determine the seasonality of malnutrition and factors associated with malnutrition among children and women in Laisamis subcounty, Marsabit County. The study was conducted as part of the Livestock for Health (L4H) project. This project investigates the cost-effectiveness of livestock ...read more
 - General situation during December 2020 and Forecast until mid-February 2021
 - Hurricanes Eta and Iota are the most severe natural hazards that have hit Honduras in more than 20 years. Early November, Category 4 Hurricane Eta started bringing torrential rains and winds as strong as 275 km/h in northern Honduras. During its slow three-day journey over Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, Eta ...read more
 - The La Niña meteorological phenomenon can have a severe impact on agriculture and food security. As of November 2020, a 95 percent chance of La Niña continuing through January–March 2021 was forecasted, with a 65 percent chance to persist into spring. The intensity of the phenomenon is foreseen to be medium to ...read more
 - Central America has been severely affected by a record-breaking hurricane season, with Category 4 Hurricane Eta raging through the region at 225 km/h from during the beginning of November, followed by Category 5 Hurricane Iota about two weeks later. The flash rains, strong winds, floods and storm surges triggered by ...read more
 - Key messages: Persistent conflict, recurrent flooding and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and related measures in the northeastern part of the country have further exacerbated socio-economic indicators, hampering commodity trade and economic activities, including farming and food production. In September 2020, this dire situation prompted the UN Secretary General to forewarn ...read more
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