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 - Since August 2020, the Niger has been facing the worst floods in its history, affecting over half a million people in one season. Heavy rainfall, coupled with rising water levels in the major river basins, has led to severe flooding across the country with a large proportion of land still flooded and ...read more
 - With over seven decades of experience in detecting, reporting and managing desert locust infestations, and five decades in preventing and responding to humanitarian emergencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works closely with affected countries, providing crucial technical support and guidance in response to the 2020 desert locust upsurge. Since ...read more
 - General situation during September 2020 and forecast until mid-November 2020.
 - Cette brochure présente de manière brève les principales aires d'interventions de la FAO en Haïti. Ces interventions s’articulent autour des projets de renforcement des capacités institutionnelles, d’amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire des ménages, de développement des filières agricoles, et de renforcement de la résilience des ménages face aux catastrophes naturelles ...read more
 - Avant octobre 2020, la FAO a pour objectif d’assister 46 587 ménages à travers un appui à la prochaine campagne maraîchère (octobre 2020-mars 2021). Cette assistance comprendra la distribution de kits de maraîchage (semences et outils) et la fourniture de transferts monétaires aux ménages vulnérables (PDI, retournés, familles d’accueil) pour ...read more
 - Key points: According to results of the latest IPC analysis (May 2020), the number of projected people facing acute food insecurity in May‒August 2020 has increased compared with the previous analysis ‒ from 1.6 to 2.36 million people, of whom 753 000 in IPC Phase 4. Without urgent food assistance, an ...read more
 - General situation during August 2020 and forecast until mid-October 2020.
 - This overview showcases how FAO and IFRC anticipated a harsh winter season (known locally as a dzud) in Mongolia. In early 2020, both agencies implemented anticipatory actions triggered by warnings that extreme weather posed a major risk to vulnerable livestock herders. It highlights the projects achievements and the collaboration efforts. ...read more
 - Information is a form of assistance in itself. Access to accurate information can allow people to make informed decisions to protect themselves. Moreover, understanding drivers of behaviour and integrating that understanding into communication approaches can make information more likely to result in desired action. Preparedness and response activities should be ...read more
 - Key messages:  Since the beginning of August, mature swarms crossed from Yemen, reaching Afar (Afambo, Elidare, Mile, Adar, Chifra and Awar). FAO has repositioned two planes in Afar to intensify control operations Active movement of immature DL swarms between Somalia and eastern Ethiopia Continuous ground and aerial survey carried out in Afar, SNNP, Somali, Amhara, Oromia ...read more
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