Visit to Ebola affected communities in hard-hit Lofa County, Liberia

Sep 2014

Lofa County, once Liberia’s biggest grain basket and food production belt, was the first to be hit by the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in March 2014. Before the outbreak, Lofans and Liberians at large were grappling with post-war reconstruction challenges – food insecurity, poor infrastructure (roads, health, school system) and other social services were gradually being rebuilt. Then came the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak.

In an effort to reach out with results-based intervention programmes, FAO sent in a team to gauge the impact on agriculture, livelihoods and farming families. The mission found out that Ebola has adversely affected Lofa County – wiping out whole families in some communities, leaving behind orphans, breaking down markets and livelihoods.

Author: FAO/Liberia