Emergency Livelihood Kits in South Sudan

Jul 2014

Dr. Sue Lautze, FAO Representative in South Sudan and the UN’s Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator explains the four types of emergency livelihood kit that FAO is distributing to communities affected by the crisis in South Sudan that begun with the outbreak of conflict in December 2013.

The kits contain portable, essential inputs for the four different livelihood systems in the conflict affected states and include vegetable seeds, crop seeds and tools, animal health equipment and fishing inputs. The kits have been reaching affected communities by truck, airlift and airdrop, and will enable farmers to plant and harvest staple crops and nutritious vegetables, fisherfolk to catch fish and feed their families and herders to protect the health of their livestock as they migrate between grazing areas.

As part of the UN’s Crisis Response Plan for 2014, FAO is appealing for USD 108 million to support 3.3 million people in South Sudan. If adequately funded, FAO’s support will help mitigate the effects the crisis is having on food security, contribute to the prevention of famine and help build resilient livelihoods in South Sudan.