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03/03/2020 - Areas affected by the desert locust crisis in the Greater Horn of Africa according to the data from the latest FAO Desert Locust bulletin.
12/06/2016 - The map of areas of potential vulnerability in Myanmar based on recent floods and cyclone events prepared by MIMU.
02/06/2016 - IPC projection map of acute food insecurity situation overview in Haiti from 01/06 to 30/09/2015.   Legend   Phase 1: Minimal   Phase 2: Stressed   Phase 3: Crisis   Phase 4: Emergency   Phase 5: Famine
24/05/2016 - Food insecurity situation in the Sahel and West Africa from 01/06 to 30/08/2016. Compare it with the previous one.
24/05/2016 - Situation alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest du 01/06 au 31/08/2016.
21/05/2016 - Insécurité alimentaire aiguë en République centrafricaine an Mars 2016.
14/04/2016 - As results of the heavy rains attributed to El-Niño event, since October 2015, more than 25 000 households have been directly affected by floods in six assessed regions of the more
09/04/2016 - IPC acute food insecurity situation overview in Aghanistan from 01/04 to 31/06/2016. Click on the Provinces for more details.
15/03/2016 - Situation alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest pour la période mars-mai 2016. L’analyse du Cadre Harmonisé couvre 17 pays du Sahel et de l’Afrique de l’Ouest: Bénin, more
07/03/2016 - The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) is a set of standardized tools that aims at providing a "common currency" for classifying the severity and magnitude of food insecurity. In South more
29/02/2016 - Path (lat/lng) data for Tropical Cyclone Winston 2016. Click on the markers to see details of time and windspeed in each location.