Yemen - Emergency response

Yemen - Emergency response
Nov 2018

Yemen is facing the world’s largest food security crisis. Ongoing conflict escalated dramatically, which severely disrupted the economy, including the agriculture sector. It also collapsed essential services and caused large-scale displacement and high rates of malnutrition.

Large segments of the population face extreme and severe food deficits. Some have surpassed emergency malnutrition rates, placing them at risk of death by starvation or due to the interaction of malnutrition and disease. It is expected that the governorates of concern will not differ significantly from areas indicated in the last Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC).

The agriculture sector is among the worst hit by the current crisis and local food production has been severely compromised. The absence of veterinary services, coupled with scarcity and the high cost of drugs and animal feed has contributed to poor production.

FAO’s current response and priorities for action

FAO is revitalizing crop and livestock production so that vulnerable people have access to nutritious food and are better equipped to cope with future shocks. FAO’s ongoing emergency agricultural programme in Yemen has mobilized USD 52 million (of a requested USD 57.1 million) under its Emergency Livelihoods Response Plan 2018.