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Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 24 January 2012

Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 24 January 2012
Jan 2012

- Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August led to severe flooding in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of southern Pakistan, where 70 percent of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

‐ Around 10 percent of the flood-affected area remains inundated.

‐ The floods left 3 million people in urgent need of agricultural support to resume farming activities – their main source of food and income. Around 35 percent of the affected population was also struck by

floods in 2010.

Pakistan Floods Rapid Response Plan 2011: launched 18 September to meet immediate needs in the food security, WASH, health and shelter sectors. FAO appealed for USD 18.9 million within the Plan and is coleading the Food Security Cluster with the World Food Programme (WFP).