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Seed System Security Assessment: Report for the Darfur Region

Seed System Security Assessment: Report for the Darfur Region
Jan 2012

Seed security interventions in Sudan have focused on improving availability and access through seed aid and seed multiplication. Over the years, determination of the need for seed aid and rehabilitation has largely been based, implicitly or explicitly, on the following studies: post-harvest assessments conducted by the State Ministries of Agriculture in close collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); the Crop and Food Supply Assessment Missions; and other needs assessments, which have limited scope in examining seed security or the dynamics of the seed system. The comprehensive Seed System Security Assessment (SSSA) was undertaken to review the functioning of the existing seed systems (both formal and informal) in the country, with particular focus on the Darfur region. The assessment looked at whether seeds of adequate and preferred quality are available and whether farmers are able to access them. The approach is also expected to promote strategic thinking about the relief, rehabilitation and development vision needed for future interventions.