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Pakistan Floods: Rapid Response Plan September 2011

Pakistan Floods: Rapid Response Plan September 2011
Sep 2011

Torrential monsoon rains have triggered severe flooding in Pakistan, primarily in Sindh Province. Concurrent impact in adjoining vast areas of Balochistan has resulted in serious humanitarian consequences including in South Punjab. In Sindh, the central and southern districts have been the worst affected.

These rains caused widespread breaches in the agricultural and saline water canals. Continued rains have seriously impeded delivery of emergency services and flood impacted mitigation works. Outflow of the draining flood water is compromised due to poor infrastructure and lack of maintenance of the drainage routes. As the monsoon season continues, the impact upon the population is intensifying with 5.4 million people affected to date. It is expected that the population will continue to be uprooted from their homes to seek refuge in the short term as more areas are affected.

While the Government (NDMA and the Provincial Disaster Management Authorities) will lead the relief and recovery activities in flood-affected areas, the humanitarian community has been asked to support the response by covering gaps where the needs exceed the government‟s response capacity. In response to the Government‟s request for assistance on 6 September 2011, the Humanitarian Country Team has developed this Rapid Response Plan as a strategic plan to address the needs of the population in support to the Government‟s relief interventions. This Rapid Response Plan seeks USD 356.7 million to enable United Nations agencies, nongovernmental organizations and the International Organization for Migration to support the Government of Pakistan in addressing the needs of flood-affected families for six months.