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Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 14 November 2011

Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 14 November 2011
Nov 2011

Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August have led to severe flooding in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of southern Pakistan. Sindh has been hardest hit, suffering the majority of losses/damage across all districts. More than 3 million flood-affected and food-insecure people (352 000 families) urgently require agricultural support to resume farming activities – their main source of food and income. Around 1.05 million were affected by floods in both 2010 and 2011, particularly in Balochistan. Standing crops, stored seed/grain and productive assets have been lost, leaving the population food insecure and unable to resume crop production.

Delayed action will lead to worsening food security, increased public health threats, loss of land tenure agreements due to farmers’ inability to pay debts contracted during spring planting for the 2011 Kharif crops, extended population displacement and longer-term dependence on external food assistance. FAO can prevent further livestock deaths and missed planting opportunities with timely donor support, saving families from a domino effect of continued losses. FAO seeks USD 18.9 million, out of overall Food Security Cluster funding requirements of nearly USD 174 million appealed for in the Pakistan Floods Rapid Response Plan 2011.