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Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 3 September 2010

Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 3 September 2010
Sep 2010

The scale of losses to the agriculture sector caused by the Pakistan floods is unprecedented and further unfolding. Approximately 4 out of 5 people in the flood-affected areas depend on agriculture for their livelihood. One of the greatest challenges on the ground is helping farmers to recover their land in time for wheat planting beginning in September/October and to prevent further livestock losses. Across the country, millions of people have lost their entire means to sustain themselves in the immediate and longer term, owing to the destruction/damage of standing crops and means of agricultural production (e.g. seed stocks, irrigation, livestock, farmland). While the full extent of the damage still cannot be quantified and assessments are ongoing, the direct and future losses are likely to affect millions of people at household level, as well as impact national productive capacity for staple crops, such as wheat and rice.

FAO will reach approximately 150 000 families with agricultural inputs and 50 000 households with emergency livestock assistance in flood-affected districts across the country. Only 35 percent (USD 2 million) of initial funding requirements have been met under the Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan. With additional funding of USD 30 million FAO could assist a further 250 000 families with wheat seeds and help keep at least 100 000 families’ livestock alive over the coming winter.