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Information Note on the IASC Transformative Agenda

Information Note on the IASC Transformative Agenda
Jul 2012

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) is a global humanitarian forum established in 1991 by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly to bring together the main operational relief agencies from the United Nations, international components of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, the International Organization for Migration and international non-governmental organizations. The IASC Transformative Agenda is an agreed set of recommendations aimed at making the humanitarian response system more efficient and effective.

FAO is committed to playing a full and effective role in humanitarian reform through the IASC. Our full engagement with the ERC-led Transformative Agenda is a key part of this commitment. Until now, the Transformative Agenda process has focused primarily on global-level actions and decisions. This emphasis is now changing, and in 2012 the focus will be increasingly directed at the country level. At the IASC Principals meeting that took place earlier this year in New York it was recognized that all agencies – including FAO – have much to do in this regard. FAO is now moving in that direction.