Situation Update: The Sahel crisis 2012 - 1 July 2013

Situation Update: The Sahel crisis 2012 - 1 July 2013
Jul 2013
  • Despite good agricultural production in 2012 and stable conditions for pastoralists, the situation in the Sahel remains of great concern, mostly due to the impact of the 2012 crisis as well as previous recent crises. Approximately 10.3 million people are food insecure in 2013 and over 1.4 million children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.
  • In Mali, the food security situation in Gao, Kidal and Timbuktu regions is critical, while population movements within the country and in the region are causing further stress on host communities already affected by food insecurity, also generating competition for access to basic services and scarce resources.
  • Countries of the Sahel are entering the lean season (June –September), and when food crops are not yet harvested, households rely on food reserves and must turn to markets for their consumption. The food security situation is likely to worsen for vulnerable households, especially in northern Nigeria and surrounding countries where coarse grain prices are increasing due to both insecurity in 2013 and low agriculture production in 2012 in Nigeria.
  • For 2013, FAO is requesting a total of USD 135.3 million to support nearly 6 million people with livelihood interventions in the Sahel, including those related to the Malian conflict. So far, only USD 14.8 million has been received and the main agricultural campaign, based on the production of food crops, has not been funded adequately. A stronger commitment of resource partners is urgently needed.