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FAO South Sudan Emergency Livelihood Response Programme

FAO South Sudan Emergency Livelihood Response Programme
Feb 2014

In order to respond to the most immediate needs of crisis-affected populations, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in the Republic of South Sudan will undertake emergency rapid response interventions to ensure the distribution of time-critical inputs, while increasing food production and protecting livelihoods.

FAO will work with partners to ensure that sustainable solutions are adopted, where possible, to minimize the environmental impact of the crisis and reduce subsequent pressure on natural resources. This Programme Document briefly describes the new operational context in South Sudan, outlines FAO’s priorities and strategy, and calls for USD 77 million in additional resources.

While responding to the humanitarian imperative of the current crisis, FAO is committed to adapting (to the extent possible) its ongoing multiyear initiatives and expanding support to protect livelihoods and production in the less affected states.