South Sudan - Situation report 6 September 2016

South Sudan - Situation report 6 September 2016
Sep 2016

Key messages

  • In 2016, the food security situation in South Sudan deteriorated to alarming levels, particularly in areas that were previously considered safe. As the harvest season progresses, marginal improvements in food security are expected. Nonetheless, the extent of hunger is unprecedented, and the risk of famine is real for thousands of people.
  • Information collection and analysis on the deteriorating food security situation is critical to inform humanitarian response to the latest crisis and ensure that hardest hit populations receive urgent support. Accurate and comprehensive data is vital to programming as the situation evolves on the ground.
  • Violence in Juba and other areas has disrupted the food supply to markets and led to new displacements. With harvest and preparations for second season in the “green belt” due in August–September, it is critical that the situation stabilizes.
  • The looting of FAO’s central warehouse in Juba has resulted in the loss of USD 3 million in supplies. Livelihood inputs, in particular, must be urgently replaced if support is to be provided to vulnerable households during the dry season. 
  • FAO is urgently seeking USD 28 million to expand the 2016 dry season campaign and initiate procurement for the 2017 main season campaign.