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Cameroon fileadmin/user_upload/emergencies/img/large_pic22.jpg Supporting household resilience of Lake Chad Basin communities affected by the Boko Haram
10/08/2020 - Thanks to the funding of Ireland, FAO implemented its project OSRO/CMR/803/IRE entitled ‘’Supporting household resilience of Lake Chad Basin communities affected by the Boko Haram insurgency’’.  The project aimed at restoring more
Syrian women farmers learning new skills to produce food
05/11/2019 - Slow Food and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized a study tour this week in northwest Italy for a group of Syrian small-scale women farmers. The more
Somaseed: improving the genetic quality of seeds in Somalia
05/11/2019 - Somalia has experienced unsustainable natural resource use and environmental degradation, as well as the introduction of foreign plant germplasm, some of which have outcrossed with local landraces leading to genetic more
Intervention d’urgence à travers les transferts monétaires au Burkina Faso
29/10/2019 - Avec les contributions du Royaume de Suède, la FAO a prévu la distribution du cash inconditionnel à 10 000 ménages pendant la période de soudure en raison de deux tranches more
Farmers affected by floods in Afghanistan
28/10/2019 - After a year of severe drought, one of the worst flooding in recent years struck Afghanistan in 2019, affecting farmers, destroying their livestock and spoiling agricultural land in many parts more
FAO’s rainy season crop assistance
17/10/2019 - FAO in collaboration with the state government and financial backing of the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, the European Union Trust Fund and the Governments of more
Syrian women food producers
10/10/2019 - Seven Syrian women will learn from farming communities in Piedmont and Liguria regions that produce and promote local, organic and artisan foods marked by high quality and respect for traditions. They more
Strengthening the resilience of communities in South Sudan’s cross-border areas
01/10/2019 - The project "Strengthening the Livelihoods Resilience of Pastoral and Agropastoral Communities in South Sudan’s Cross-border Areas with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda" (OSRO/SSD/703/EC) aims to promote sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable more
Improving livestock-based livelihoods in Afghanistan
20/08/2019 - Livestock is a major source of rural livelihoods in Afghanistan. The devastating drought that struck various provinces in 2018 hit pastoralists the hardest. In rural areas, supporting those most affected more
Desert locust in Yemen
26/07/2019 - Desert Locust summer breeding, amplified by heavy rains, can pose a serious threat to agricultural production areas of Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia and northern Somalia during the more
Safeguarding livestock assets in South Sudan
12/07/2019 - Livestock is critically important within South Sudanese society. The sector is an important source of income and food, cattle ownership bestows social status and prestige, cattle are used for payment more