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Damage of the Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
24/03/2015 - Strong winds, heavy rains and floods resulting from Tropical Cyclone Pam have caused extensive damage to agriculture throughout Vanuatu.According to initial rapid assessments that the Vanuatu government led in four more
Seeds planting in Afghanistan
06/06/2013 - A slideshow of images illustrating a seeds planting project carried out by FAO in the Afghanistan.
Essaim de Criquet migrateur à Madagascar, Parc national de l’Isalo - Madagascar
07/05/2013 - Essaim dense de Criquet migrateur malgache en vol de transit entre les montagnes du parc national de l’Isalo. Passage d’essaim entre aire grégarigène et aire d’invasion (du Sud vers le Nord more
Junior Farmer Field and Life School for Somali refugees
02/05/2013 - The Junior Farmer Field and Life School is a training approach designed to empower vulnerable youth and provide them with the livelihood options and gender-sensitive skills needed for long-term food more
Answer to la Niña in Colombia
16/04/2013 - The winter emergency that occurred in Colombia during 2010, was the worst occurred  in the last 60 years. The “Niña” climate phenomenon heavily altered the country’s climate patterns which caused more
Essaim de Criquets Migrateurs à Madagascar
11/04/2013 - Dernières photos de Ilakaka sur la crise acridienne a la quelle le Madagascar est confronté.
Repatriation and reintegration in Burundi
09/04/2013 - FAO Burundi has been supporting the harmonious reintegration of returnees in the southern provinces of Makamba, Rutana and Bururi. Through the project, FAO has supported more than 4000 households (20,000 more
Invasion acridienne à Madagascar
25/03/2013 - Une invasion acridienne menace les moyens de subsistance de 13 millions de personnes à Madagascar, dont 9 millions vivant de l’agriculture. Si elles ne sont pas traitées, les infestations acridiennes more
Supporting food insecure families in Malawi
19/03/2013 - Malawi is a small, landlocked African country suffering frequent droughts and floods. These extreme weather events damage infrastructure and housing and occasionally displace significant portions of the population. However, it more
Training on ESSS - Cote d
20/02/2013 - The post-election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire had far-reaching consequences under a humanitarian point of view in general and in particular for the level of food security and nutritional status. Facing more