Livestock vaccination campaign in South Sudan

Nov 2015

A recent intervention in Ayod County, Jonglei State was arranged to contain worsening livestock conditions through FAO South Sudan’s four-week helicopter operation. The rapid response airlift was launched to reach communities inaccessible by other means of transportation. In addition to carrying out control missions to prevent outbreaks of livestock diseases, the operation has distributed vegetable and fishing kits in conflict-affected and hard to reach areas. The FAO emergency livestock response team flew to the targeted locations in Jiech and Gorwai Bomas of Ayod County between 28 September and 19 October 2015.

Much of north-central South Sudan is wetlands and is heavily affected by the rainy season. Many areas become completely covered with flood water – in order to reach the targeted communities, the livestock team had to cross up to 2 km by foot, particularly hazardous owing to unseen sharp objects under the murky water. Upon arrival, further obstacles were met mobilizing CBAHWs residing in the county. The only way to reach them was via satellite phone, and they then had to travel from their respective villages. Despite these challenges, the team was able to vaccinate and deworm 2 137 cattle and deworm 542 sheep and goats in Ayod County.

Author: FAO/South Sudan