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 - The people in the Gaza Strip suffer from a poor humanitarian situation due to multiple challenges, including conflict, which escalated from 10 to 21 May 2021. more
 -  to assist 43 540 people FAO requires USD 13.7 million period January–December 2021                                   The high rate of food insecurity in Palestine is driven by poverty and unemployment. Protracted insecurity, continuing economic decline more
 - To enable producers' associations in Tubas Governorate gain access to quality services to enhance agricultural production and empower farming communities to sustainably develop and improve resilient more
 - To provide time critical and quick impact support to address the urgent needs of vulnerable households affected by man-made, environmental and natural shocks, with a particular more
 -  to assist 47 900 people FAO requires USD 13.6 million period January – December 2020                                 The humanitarian situation in Palestine continues to be characterized by prolonged restrictions on access to natural resources, more
 - To protect agricultural production, agricultural livelihoods and food security of vulnerable farming communities with a consistent, clean and renewable source of energy to ensure sufficient irrigation more
 - To contribute to an improved enabling environment for food safety, consumer awareness and trust, and national and international trade opportunities.
 -  to assist 48 700 people FAO requires USD 11.2 million period January – December 2019                                 Daily life in the West Bank and Gaza Strip continues to be characterized by access restrictions to more
 - To enhance the resilience and productive capacities of vulnerable herding families to protect their livelihoods and increase their productivity.
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