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 - To support families in recovering their productive capacity by providing agricultural tools, which will be used to clear land, irrigation channels, roads, and homes, as well more
 - To improve food and rural livelihood security through increasing agricultural productivity.
 - Améliorer la situation alimentaire et renforcer les capacités d’autoprise en charge de 7 654 ménages vulnérables.
 - Augmenter la production maraîchère de contre-saison pour améliorer la disponibilité alimentaire et le revenu des bénéficiaires de l’action.
 - Conventional methods of land preparation and cropping practices can contribute to the degradation of soils and have limited efforts to raise agricultural production beyond subsistence levels more
 - To support and improve the food security of 39 000 vulnerable farming families affected by high food prices and drought through the provision of basic agricultural more
 - The Winter 2011 edition of our Agriculture Sector Bulletin, summarizing some of last year’s main agricultural developments in Georgia. This edition brings together news and major more
 - To contribute to enhance food self-sufficiency for the population affected by the 12 January 2010 earthquake.
 - Prévenir la malnutrition aiguë des groupes vulnérables et réduire en même temps la mortalité et la morbidité par l’appui à la relance de la production agro-pastorale more
 - With financial support from the European Commission, FAO implemented the Agricultural Livelihood Recovery Project in Northern Uganda to enhance agricultural productivity, rehabilitate rural based infrastructure to more
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