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 - FAO has welcomed a pledge of $1 million that will support an ongoing campaign in Eritrea to bring the numbers of desert locust there under control. The desert locust is ...leer más
 - Italy has pledged $410 000 for the ongoing campaign in East Africa aimed at controlling large infestations of the pernicious crop pest and limit damages to crops and pastures that ...leer más
 - General situation during February 2020 and forecast until mid-April 2020.
 - Areas affected by the desert locust crisis in the Greater Horn of Africa according to the data from the latest FAO Desert Locust bulletin.
 - El Director General de la FAO, QU Dongyu, ha expresado su agradecimiento a Alemania por su contribución de 17 millones de euros para asistir a las personas directamente afectadas por ...leer más
 - East Africa is a region beset by climate- and conflict-related shocks. Millions of people are already acutely food insecure. Now they face another major hunger threat in the form of ...leer más
 - It’s the worst desert locust outbreak in decades for many countries in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are most affected by the locusts. To date, the locusts ...leer más
 - General situation during January 2020 and forecast until mid-March 2020.
 - General situation during December 2019 and forecast until mid-February 2020.
 - General situation during November 2019 and forecast until mid-January 2020.
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