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 - The winter emergency that occurred in Colombia during 2010, was the worst occurred  in the last 60 years. The “Niña” climate phenomenon heavily altered the country’s climate patterns which caused ...leer más
 - In the municipality of Soacha in Colombia, FAO works in partnership with OCHA, PAHO, WFP, UNHCR, UNWOMEN, UNICEF and UNODC in the framework of a joint program funded by the ...leer más
 - On the road to the small town of Recula, in the department of Córdoba, a cow forages for food in fields that have become lakes. The animal’s protruding ribs are ...leer más
 - In Colombia, FAO developed emergency assistance and rehabilitation activities, aimed at vulnerable communities affected by violence and natural disasters, to support them in recovering their livelihoods.
 - La emergencia invernal que atraviesa Colombia actualmente es la más severa registrada en los últimos 60 años. El aumento en las precipitaciones debido a La Niña ha causado inundaciones sin ...leer más
 - En Noviembre de 2008, la vereda Puerto Venecia del Municipio de Achí en Bolívar, Departamento ubicado en la costa norte colombiana, fue arrasada por las aguas del Río Cauca. Tal ...leer más
 - La Niña is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon during which the sea surface temperature is 0.5 degrees lower than normal, affecting global climatic patterns. La Niña conditions tend to recur every ...leer más
 - In Colombia, long-standing violence, natural disasters and land tenure problems have threatened food security and continue to worsen the vulnerabilities of those affected. FAO is trying to help vulnerable communities ...leer más
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