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 - Chaque année, des millions de personnes tributaires de l‘agriculture, des forêts et des pêches sont confrontées à sécheresses, inondations, ravageurs des plantes ou maladies animales, ainsi ...en lire plus
 - The December 2011 IASC Principals meeting endorsed five Commitments to Accountability to Affected Populations agreed to incorporate the CAAP into the policies and operational guidelines of ...en lire plus
 - At their meeting in April 2011, the IASC Principals acknowledged the fundamental importance of accountability to affected populations. They agreed to integrate accountability to affected populations ...en lire plus
 - Humanitarian and emergency operations to support livelihoods, food security and food and livestock production have grown significantly during the past decade to a point in which ...en lire plus
 - FAO, WFP and the global Food Security Cluster undertook a two-week mission to Pakistan in September and October 2012 to support activities of the Inter-Agency Standing ...en lire plus
 - Au cours d’une réunion en avril 2011, les responsables de l’IASC ont reconnu l’importance fondamentale de la redevabilité envers les populations affectées et ont convenu d’intégrer ...en lire plus
 - Consistent, effective and meaningful accountability to affected populations cannot occur without senior level commitment and leadership, and institutionalised means and processes by which it can be ...en lire plus
 - Humanitarian organisations fail to respect the communities they work with when they are not, at a minimum, transparent about their role, their agenda, and what communities ...en lire plus
 - Appropriate and inclusive channels for feedback should be available to affected communities and their representatives through each phase of the project cycle. Feedback ensures timely information ...en lire plus
 - Participation provides the basis for dialogue with people affected by a crisis on what is needed and how it might best be provided. It can help ...en lire plus
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