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 - As Zimbabwe’s economy continues its remarkable recovery following almost a decade of recession, FAO is helping the country’s most vulnerable people to produce more food, access new markets and expand ...en lire plus
 - The overall Humanitarian Appeal for 2011 launched by United Nations agencies, non-governmental aid agencies and other international organizations is an appeal for financial support, but also ...en lire plus
 - La sécurité alimentaire au Zimbabwe a enregistré des progrès considérables grâce aux efforts du gouvernement et à un programme international d'assistance d'un montant de 70 millions de ...en lire plus
 - Strategic Focus Area 1: Humanitarian-Livelihood assistance and increased food security Development Objective: Improved food and nutrition security and livelihoods of vulnerable groups Immediate objective: Target groups utilize inputs ...en lire plus
 - As part of its Strategic Framework 2010-2019, FAO is working toward improving linkages and transitions between emergency, rehabilitation, and development in its programme planning. The PoA ...en lire plus
 - The recent political advances in 2009 have had a marked impact on Zimbabwe’s devastated economy. Dollarization of the economy, accompanied by the easing of trade restrictions ...en lire plus
 - Dans le cadre de ses efforts menés conjointement à l'Union européenne et visant à combattre la faim, la FAO a livré 26 000 tonnes de semences ...en lire plus
 - FAO’s Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordination Unit (ERCU) has been a central provider of agricultural information and technical advice for the humanitarian community in Zimbabwe since 2002. ...en lire plus
 - Une forte insécurité alimentaire persiste au Zimbabwe en dépit des meilleures performances de la production agricole et d’une libéralisation des importations, selon un rapport publié aujourd’hui ...en lire plus
 - Natural disasters and conflicts affect millions of people every year, destroying communities and devastating livelihoods. Most of the men, women and children who suffer from these ...en lire plus
 - Numerous changes to the political landscape took place in Zimbabwe during 2008. Violence leading up to the March election affected an estimated 36 000 people, while the signing ...en lire plus
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