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 - This week, FAO has warned of a major food security and nutrition crisis in South Sudan, where 3.7 million people are now facing acute or emergency ...en lire plus
 - Juan Lubroth is FAO's Chief Veterinary Officer.
 - Etienne Peterschmitt, Coordonnateur principal des opérations FAO d'urgence et de réhabilitation en Haïti, sur UN Radio.
 - FAO and its partners are working to scale up response plans and funding requirements to meet the urgent needs of Pakistani farmers on time after the ...en lire plus
 - Pakistan's agriculture sector has suffered severe losses and requires immediate assistance. Millions of hectares of standing crops have been washed away. Seed stocks have been lost, ...en lire plus
 - "La saison agricole de printemps s'annonce et nous commençons à planifier le long terme avec tous les partenaires", déclare Alex Jones, expert de la FAO. Alex ...en lire plus
 - "Il faut faire vite avant la saison agricole de mars en Haïti et avant les pluies", déclare M. Alexander Jones, Coordonnateur des opérations d'urgence en Haïti. ...en lire plus
 -  Six months after the tsunami disaster, FAO continues to focus efforts on the rehabilitation of the food production in coastal communities. FAO Regional Coordinator of the tsunami ...en lire plus
 -  Fisheries are the worst affected sector after the tsunami. There is an urgent need to rehabilitate it in a coordinated, appropriate and sustainable manner. Priorities are, ...en lire plus
 - Richard China is the Rome-based Co-ordinator for FAO's response to the tsunami; he recently visited Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand. Commenting on the ...en lire plus
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