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Millions of Yemenis face food insecurity amidst escalating conflict
15/04/2015 - Amidst escalating conflict at a crucial time in the country’s...
Emergency cattle vaccination campaign underway along Syria-Lebanon border
09/04/2015 - Concerns over the spread of high impact transboundary animal diseases...
Gathering weather data to provide early warning on climate
07/04/2015 - Crop and livestock activities are extremely sensitive to climate and...
Countries pledge to wipe out sheep and goat plague globally
02/04/2015 - High-level authorities from 15 countries pledged on Thursday to collaborate...
FAO and government team up to restore food security in northern Mali
01/04/2015 - The government of Mali and FAO have launched the implementation...

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FAO 2015 Appeal
Enhancing food security and resilient livelihoods.
FAO 2015 Appeal page
Ebola outbreak in West Africa
The current Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa is the world’s largest...
Ebola outbreak in West Africa page
CAR crisis
The conflict in the Central African Republic is severely affecting the livelihoods of...
CAR crisis page