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Consultancy Opportunities

Consultancy Opportunities: Current

Title Number Duty Station Expiry Date
Communication Consultant Khartoum, Sudan 31/03/2015
International Agronomy Consultant Ndjamena, Chad 01/04/2015
International Agronomy Consultant Mao - Kanem, Chad 01/04/2015
GEF Project Design Expert – Consultancy Roster IRC2804 Various Locations 04/04/2015
Junior GEF Project Design Expert – Consultancy Roster IRC2803 Various Locations 04/04/2015
FLEGT Advisor to the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 15/04/2015
Operations Officer Gaziantep, Turkey 15/04/2015
Wastewater Specialist Sana’a, Yemen 20/04/2015
Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure Engineer Rome, Italy 30/04/2015

Consultancy Opportunities: Closed

Title Number Duty Station Expiry Date
Agronomist Ebola Outbreak Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Epidemiologist, Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Expert Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Statistician Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Livestock Expert Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Wildlife Expert various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Communication, Reporting and Advocacy Consultant Multiple duty stations: Egypt / Iraq / Yemen 01/11/2014
Operations Officer Manila, Philippines 28/10/2014
Programme Coordinator (Haiyan) Tacloban, Philippines 28/10/2014
Communication and Policy Officer Juba, South Sudan 24/10/2014
Technical Network Land and Tenure Consultant Rome, Italy 23/10/2014
Communication Specialist Roster – Professional IRC2623 Rome, Italy 15/10/2014
Training in Quality Control of FMD Vaccine Islamabad - Pakistan 12/10/2014
FMD Vaccine Production in Pakistan Islamabad and Lahore - Pakistan 12/10/2014
Cash Transfers Consultant Rome, Italy 10/10/2014
Smallholder Farm Water Management Consultant Rome, Italy 05/10/2014
Call for Expressions of Interest Philippines 29/09/2014
International Consultant National Forest Monitoring System and REDD + Reference Level(s) Dhaka, Bangladesh 21/09/2014
Rights and Licensing Consultant VA-OCCP-1401-CNS Rome, Italy 20/09/2014
Food Security Cluster Coordinator - Consultant Roster IRC2607 Various 19/09/2014
Information Manager for Food Security Cluster - Consultant Roster IRC2609 Various 19/09/2014
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Consultancy Opportunities: Cancelled

No records found.

Please carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the "How to Apply" section of the specific consultancy vacancy announcement you wish to apply for. 

For further information and general application instructions, click here

  • FAO employs a wealth of consultants every year, usually on a short-term basis, to provide expertise beyond that of regular staff. 
  • Please visit the list of consultancy opportunities currently available in the Organization.