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Opportunités pour les consultants

Opportunités pour les consultants: actuelles

Titre du poste Numéro Lieu d'affectation Date d'expiration
International Consultant - Livestock Coordinator Nairobi, Kenya 30/05/2015
International Consultant - Agriculture Coordinator Nairobi, Kenya 30/05/2015
Consultant international - Gestion de la ressource en eau Rabat, Maroc 31/05/2015
Consultant international - Assistance en matière de choix des sites des puits ou forages Côtiers. Rabat, Maroc 31/05/2015
Senior Evaluation Consultant Home-based (with visits to FAO HQ as required) 31/05/2015
Call for Expressions of Interest - Evaluability Assessment of the FAO Strategic Objective Rome, Italy 31/05/2015
Call for Expressions of Interest - Evaluation of FAO’s Country Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 31/05/2015
International Project Coordinator Peshawar, Pakistan 01/06/2015
Consultant, Sustainable Practices in the Banana Industry Home based with either Rome or Montpellier as preferred location 04/06/2015
Call for Applications - Investment Operations Experts IRC2869 Various Locations 05/07/2015

Opportunités pour les consultants: Date limite passé

Titre du poste Numéro Lieu d'affectation Date d'expiration
Agronomist Ebola Outbreak Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Epidemiologist, Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Expert Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Statistician Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Livestock Expert Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Wildlife Expert Various Duty Stations 03/11/2014
Communication, Reporting and Advocacy Consultant Multiple duty stations: Egypt / Iraq / Yemen 01/11/2014
Operations Officer Manila, Philippines 28/10/2014
Programme Coordinator (Haiyan) Tacloban, Philippines 28/10/2014
Communication and Policy Officer Juba, South Sudan 24/10/2014
Technical Network Land and Tenure Consultant Rome, Italy 23/10/2014
Communication Specialist Roster – Professional IRC2623 Rome, Italy 15/10/2014
Training in Quality Control of FMD Vaccine Islamabad - Pakistan 12/10/2014
FMD Vaccine Production in Pakistan Islamabad and Lahore - Pakistan 12/10/2014
Cash Transfers Consultant Rome, Italy 10/10/2014
Smallholder Farm Water Management Consultant Rome, Italy 05/10/2014
Call for Expressions of Interest Philippines 29/09/2014
International Consultant National Forest Monitoring System and REDD + Reference Level(s) Dhaka, Bangladesh 21/09/2014
Rights and Licensing Consultant VA-OCCP-1401-CNS Rome, Italy 20/09/2014
Food Security Cluster Coordinator - Consultant Roster IRC2607 Various 19/09/2014
Information Manager for Food Security Cluster - Consultant Roster IRC2609 Various 19/09/2014
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Opportunités pour les consultants: Annulés

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  • LA FAO chaque année recrute de nombreux consultants pour compléter l'expertise du personnel ordinaire.
  • Veuillez consulter la liste ci-dessous pour les opportunités actuellement disponibles au sein de l'Organisation.