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Professional Vacancies

Professional Vacancies: Current

Title Grade Number Department Duty Station Expiry Date
Senior Partnerships Officer P5 IRC2909 OPC Rome, Italy 06/07/2015
Senior Economist (Household Economics) P5 IRC2916 ES Rome, Italy 08/07/2015
Programme Officer (Donor Relations) P4 IRC2918 TC Rome, Italy 13/07/2015
Programme Officer (Innovative Partnerships) P4 IRC2919 TC Rome, Italy 13/07/2015
Programme Officer (Market Intelligence) P2 IRC2921 TC Rome, Italy 13/07/2015
Programme Officer P2 IRC2922 TC Rome, Italy 13/07/2015
Programme Officer P4 IRC2924 OSD Rome, Italy 13/07/2015
Statistician (Production, Trade and Food Balance Sheets) P3 IRC2935 ES Rome, Italy 17/07/2015
Senior Natural Resources Management Officer P5 IRC2946 TC Rome, Italy 21/07/2015
Senior Economist P5 IRC2947 TC Rome, Italy 21/07/2015

Professional Vacancies: Closed

Title Grade Number Expiry Date
Information Technology Officer (Global Service & Support) P3 IRC2813 06/04/2015
Reviser (Russian) P4 IRC2814 06/04/2015
Nutrition Officer (Nutrition Assessment and Scientific Advice) P4 IRC2812 03/04/2015
Senior Interpreter (Head of Interpretation Group) P5 IRC2811 02/04/2015
Policy Officer (Territorial Development) P4 IRC2810 30/03/2015
Senior Policy Officer P5 IRC2802 25/03/2015
Programme Officer (TCP) P3 IRC2795 23/03/2015
Social Protection Officer P4 IRC2793 19/03/2015
Natural Resources Officer (Water Resources Development and Conservation) P3 IRC2778 12/03/2015
Forestry Officer P4 IRC2769 09/03/2015
Partnerships Officer P2 IRC2767 02/03/2015
Senior Field Programme Officer P5 IRC2754 23/02/2015
Policy Officer P4 IRC2755 23/02/2015
Programme Officer (TCP) P3 IRC2756 23/02/2015
Agricultural Officer (Plant Nutrition) P3 IRC2710 18/02/2015
Agricultural Officer (Legumes) P3 IRC2734 18/02/2015
Communication Officer P4 IRC2746 12/02/2015
Senior Forestry Officer (Team Leader) P5 IRC2712 09/02/2015
Social Protection Officer (Rural Development) P4 IRC2743 06/02/2015
Fishery Officer (MCS Operations Specialist) P3 IRC2716 03/02/2015
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Professional Vacancies: Cancelled

Title Grade Number Cancellation Date
Administrative and Finance Officer P3 IRC2318 05/09/2013
Liaison Officer (Research and Academia) P2 IRC2313 20/03/2014
Statistician P3 IRC2315 15/01/2014
Policy Officer (Rural Institutions and Services) P4 IRC2311 12/07/2013
Field Programme Officer P3 IRC2310 20/03/2014
Policy Officer (Rural Institutions and Services) P4 IRC2309 15/04/2013
Programme Officer (FAOR Network) P3 IRC2308 10/01/2014
Gender Officer (Equality and Rural Development) P4 IRC2305 22/11/2013
Forestry Officer (Wood Energy) P4 IRC2306 23/05/2014
Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Officer P4 IRC2300 09/01/2014
Policy Officer P4 IRC2293 04/09/2014
Senior Administrative Officer P5 IRC2296 20/03/2014
Information & Communications Technology Support Officer P2 IRC2289 29/01/2014
Information & Communications Technology Support Officer P2 IRC2291 29/01/2014
Information & Communications Technology Support Officer P2 IRC2292 29/01/2014
Programme Specialist (Crop Production, Soil Restoration and Climate Change) P3 IRC2283 03/03/2014
Legal Officer P4 IRC2284 15/01/2014
Policy Officer (Livestock - Resource Use Analysis) P4 IRC2273 23/09/2013
Fishery Information Officer P2 IRC2267 29/01/2014
Fisheries System Developer P3 IRC2264 23/05/2014
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Professional Vacancies: Filled

01.06.2014 - 22.01.2015

IRC2212 - Programme Specialist (Vegetable Crops), P-3

IRC2276 - Programme Officer (Governace), P-3

IRC2359 - Investment Support Officer, P-4

IRC2360 - Investment Support Officer, P-4

IRC2378 - Lands and Water Officer, P-4

IRC2401 - Statistician, P-4

IRC2402 - Economist (Agricultural and Trade Policy Analysis), P-4

IRC2410 - Fishery Industry Officer, P-3

IRC2411 - Nutrition Officer, P-2

IRC2437 - Forestry Officer (Forest Resources Tenure), P-3

IRC2460 - Policy Officer (Family Farming), P-4

IRC2474 - Forestry Officer (Forests and Water), P-2

IRC2476 - Agricultural Research Officer, P-4

IRC2478 - Forestry Officer (Wood Energy), P-4

IRC2506 - Nutrition Officer, P-4

IRC2511- Programme Officer, P-3

IRC2512 - Senior Communication Officer, P-5 

IRC2514 - Land Resources Officer, P-4

IRC2571- Human Resources Officer, P-3

IRC2573 - Senior Human Resources Officer, P-5

IRC2612 - Partnerships Officer (Coordinator Civil Society Team), P-3

To apply, visit the iRecruitment website at http://www.fao.org/employment/irecruitment-access/ and complete the on-line application form.

Only complete applications received through iRecruitment will be considered.

  • Professional staff are hired internationally and occupy leadership functions, or positions requiring significant technical expertise. Openings for professional jobs can be found at all duty stations where FAO is present.
  • All international professional staff job openings are listed above.  FAO particularly welcomes applications from women and individuals from Non- and Under-Represented Member Countries.