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Professional Vacancies

  • Professional staff are hired internationally and occupy leadership functions, or positions requiring significant technical expertise. Openings for professional jobs can be found at all duty stations where FAO is present.
  • External Candidates are offered a fixed-term appointment that is subject to a probationary period of 12 months that can be extended to a maximum period of 18 months.  Candidates recommended for appointment will be required to take language tests to establish the level of their language skills.  Should the candidate not meet the level of language skills elicited in the vacancy announcement at the time of recruitment, she/he will be required to acquire it within the probationary period before the appointment can be confirmed by FAO.  Please note that FAO offers courses to staff members in all six official languages. More information on the level of language skills at FAO can be found here.
  • All international professional staff job openings are listed below.  FAO particularly welcomes applications from women and individuals from Non- and Under-Represented Member Countries.

Professional Vacancies: Current

Title Grade Number Department Duty Station Expiry Date
Agribusiness Economist (Marketing) P4 IRC2602 AG Italy, Rome 03/09/2014
Senior Fishery Resources Officer P5 IRC2603 FI Italy, Rome 03/09/2014
Economist P3 IRC2591 TC Rome, Italy 04/09/2014
Senior Officer (Team Leader) P5 IRC2590 AG Rome, Italy 08/09/2014
Policy Officer P4 IRC2604 Regional Accra, GHANA 10/09/2014
Senior Fishery Industry Officer (Vessels/Fishing Operations) P5 IRC2519 FI Rome, Italy 12/09/2014
Livestock Policy Officer (Resource economics) P3 IRC2599 AG Rome, Italy 12/09/2014
Livestock Policy Officer (Livestock production systems) P4 IRC2601 AG Rome, Italy 12/09/2014
Partnerships Officer (Coordinator, Civil Society Team) P3 IRC2612 OPC Rome, Italy 12/09/2014
SENIOR ECONOMIST (Global Perspectives) P5 IRC2593 ES Rome, Italy 15/09/2014
Senior Programme Officer P5 IRC2613 OSD Rome, Italy 26/09/2014

Professional Vacancies: Closed

Title Grade Number Expiry Date
Land Tenure Officer P3 IRC2407 05/12/2013
Statistician P4 IRC2401 04/12/2013
Economist (Agricultural and Trade Policy Analysis) P4 IRC2402 04/12/2013
Livestock Development Officer P3 IRC2397 21/11/2013
Environment Officer P4 IRC2398 21/11/2013
Human Resources Officer P3 IRC2392 18/11/2013
Investment Support Officer P4 IRC2361 10/10/2013
Economist P3 IRC2369 08/10/2013
Economist (Food Security Assessment and Early Warning) P4 IRC2385 08/10/2013
Interpreter/Translator (Russian) P4 IRC2381 08/10/2013
Investment Support Officer P4 IRC2359 02/10/2013
Investment Support Officer P4 IRC2360 02/10/2013
Land and Water Officer P4 IRC2378 27/09/2013
Economist (Food Industries) P3 IRC2373 25/09/2013
Investigator P4 IRC2376 25/09/2013
Investigator P3 IRC2377 25/09/2013
Economist P4 IRC2371 24/09/2013
Forestry Officer (Food Security) P2 IRC2363 19/09/2013
Administrative and Finance Officer P3 IRC2383 19/09/2013
Forestry Officer (Agroforestry and Urban/ Peri-urban Forestry) P4 IRC2365 18/09/2013
1 2 3 4 5 6

Professional Vacancies: Cancelled

Title Grade Number Cancellation Date
Partnership Officer (Advocacy/Right to Food) P3 IRC2245 21/03/2014
Economist (Agribusiness) P4 IRC2242 24/07/2013
Senior Reviser (Russian) P5 IRC2239 29/01/2014
Agricultural Officer P4 IRC2229 26/07/2013
Communication Officer P3 IRC2232 29/08/2013
Programme Officer (Partnership) P3 IRC2228 20/03/2014
Senior Officer (Secretary of the FAO-Water Platform) P5 IRC2227 09/12/2013
Animal Production and Health Officer P4 IRC2137 20/03/2014
Senior Administrative Officer P5 IRC2183 06/01/2014
Contracts Officer (Letter of Agreement) P3 IRC2135 09/04/2013
Senior Officer (Staff Relations) P5 IRC2126 03/06/2013
Aquaculture Officer (Economics) P3 IRC2123 09/04/2013
Senior Economist (Food Security) P5 IRC2120 03/04/2014
Policy Officer P4 IRC2116 20/03/2014
Natural Resources Officer (Climate Change and Bioenergy) P3 IRC2114 05/02/2014
Human Resources Officer P4 IRC2097 25/07/2013
Human Resources Officer P4 IRC2109 06/02/2014
Technical Officer (Soil management and partnership) P4 IRC2111 11/04/2013
Senior Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Officer P5 IRC2089 31/01/2014
Policy Officer P4 IRC2088 09/04/2013
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Professional Vacancies: Filled


2551-AGN Food Standards Officer, P-3    
2551-AGN Food Standards Officer, P-3    
2511-SFS Food Safety and Quality Officer, P-4    
2541-CSA Accountant, P-2    
2579-SFE Fishery and Aquaculture Officer, P-4    
2542-SFE Senior Land and Water Officer, P-5    
2592-AGE Technical Officer (Animal Health), P-3    
2568-RAP Programme Officer, P-2    
2539-SNE Senior Policy Officer, P-5    
2524-AGP Programme Specialist (Agriculture), P-3    
2518-AGE Programme Officer, P-4    
IRC-2051 Chief, Interpretation Group, P-5
IRC-2077 Senior Gender Officer (Policy), P-5    
2557-AGN  Senior Officer, P-5    
IRC-2085 Finance Officer (Investment Risk), P-4    
IRC-2037 Forestry Officer (Statistics), P-2    
2530-RAP Technical Officer (Water Resources Development & Conservation), P-3  
IRC-2073 Forestry Officer, P-4    
2551-AGN Food Standards Officer, P-3    
IRC-2095 Natural Resources Officer, P-4    
IRC-2055 Programme Officer, P-4    
2580-EST Economist (Food Security Assessment and Early Warning), P-3   
IRC-2125 Senior Strategy and Planning Officer, P-5    
2512-SAP Policy Officer, P-3    
IRC-2084 Internal Auditor (2 posts), P-3    
IRC-2084 Internal Auditor (2 posts), P-3    
IRC-2098 Human Resources Officer (Santiago, Chile), P-4    
2538-RLC Senior Fishery and Aquaculture Officer, P-5    
IRC-2087 Field Programme Officer, P-4   


2506 FOM    Forestry Officer, P-3

2351 OSP Strategy and Planning Officer, P-3

2509 AGN Food Safety Officer (EMPRES Information), P-3

2529 EST Economist (Trade), P-4 (two posts)

2532 RLC Programme Officer (FAOR Network), P-4

2504 RAP Field Programme Officer, P-4

2519 AGN Food Safety and Quality Officer, P-3

To apply, visit the iRecruitment website at http://www.fao.org/employment/irecruitment-access/ and complete the on-line application form.

Only complete applications received through iRecruitment will be considered.

For further information on minimum requirements and guidelines please click here. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply online using iRecruitment, visit our application toolkit on the right-hand side of this page.