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Professional Vacancies

Professional Vacancies: Current

Title Grade Number Department Duty Station Expiry Date
Communication Officer (Web Coordinator) P4 IRC2653 OCC Rome, Italy 03/12/2014
Legal Officer P3 IRC2654 LEG Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 04/12/2014
Plant Production and Protection Officer P4 IRC2655 Regional Accra, Ghana 08/12/2014
Senior Reviser (Russian) P5 IRC2656 CPA Rome, Italy 08/12/2014
Forestry Officer (Remote Sensing) P4 IRC2661 FO Rome, Italy 09/12/2014
Forestry Officer (Wildlife and protected Area Management) P4 IRC2662 FO Rome, Italy 09/12/2014
Senior Forestry Officer (Team Leader) P5 IRC2660 FO Rome, Italy 09/12/2014
Statistician (survey methodologist) P3 IRC2663 ES Rome, Italy 09/12/2014
Agricultural Officer (Seed Sector Development) P4 IRC2664 AG Rome, Italy 10/12/2014
Agricultural Officer (Seed Security) P4 IRC2666 AG Rome, Italy 10/12/2014
Senior Food Safety Officer (Scientific Advice and JECFA Secretary) P5 IRC2667 AG Rome, Italy 10/12/2014
Legal Officer P3 IRC2669 LEG Santiago, Chile 11/12/2014
Policy Officer (Institutional Building) P4 IRC2670 Regional Accra, Ghana 11/12/2014
Administrative Officer P3 IRC2671 Regional Bridgetown, Barbados 12/12/2014
Economist (Trade and Food Security) P4 IRC2672 Regional Geneva, Switzerland 12/12/2014
Senior Agricultural Officer (Rice Expert) P5 IRC2673 Regional Bangkok, Thailand 12/12/2014
Social Protection Officer (Rural Development) P2 IRC2675 Regional Bangkok, Thailand 15/12/2014
Fishery and Aquaculture Officer P4 IRC2678 Regional Accra, Ghana 15/12/2014
Coordinator (Global Agricultural Heritage Systems Initiative) P5 IRC2689 NR Rome, Italy 16/12/2014
Plant Production and Protection Officer P4 IRC2693 Regional Accra, Ghana 17/12/2014

Professional Vacancies: Closed

Title Grade Number Expiry Date
Senior Water Resources and Irrigation Officer P5 IRC2298 28/03/2013
Policy Officer P3 IRC2299 28/03/2013
Senior Field Programme Officer P5 IRC2294 27/03/2013
Liaison Officer P4 IRC2287 22/03/2013
Contracts Officer P4 IRC2285 21/03/2013
Forestry Officer (Remote Sensing) P4 IRC2286 21/03/2013
Economist (Global Perspectives) P3 IRC2281 15/03/2013
Field Security Officer P2 IRC2282 15/03/2013
Legal Officer P2 IRC2280 12/03/2013
Legal Officer P4 IRC2279 08/03/2013
Senior Programme Officer (Governance) P5 IRC2275 05/03/2013
Programme Officer (Governance) P3 IRC2276 05/03/2013
Programme Development Officer P4 IRC2274 28/02/2013
Aquaculture Officer (Economics) P3 IRC2272 26/02/2013
Senior Economist (Trade Policy) P5 IRC2250 22/02/2013
Coordinator (Programming and Language Support) P4 IRC2270 22/02/2013
Terminology Officer P3 IRC2271 22/02/2013
Programme Officer (Translation Outsourcing) P3 IRC2269 21/02/2013
Programme Officer (Partnership & Resources Mobilization) P3 IRC2268 19/02/2013
Partnership Officer (Monitoring/Right to Food) P2 IRC2265 15/02/2013
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Professional Vacancies: Cancelled

Title Grade Number Cancellation Date
Strategy and Planning Officer, (Enterprise Risk Management) P4 2482-OSP 01/06/2012
Communication for Development Officer P2 2487-OEK 13/10/2011
Human Resources Officer (Information Technology) P2 IRC2020 13/06/2011
Senior Fishery and Aquaculture Officer P5 2473-RLC 20/04/2011
Communication Officer P2 2458-OCE 30/11/2011
Web Manager P4 2476-OCE 21/12/2010
Technical Officer (Water Institutions) P4 2483-NRL 19/06/2012
Human Resources Officer (Performance Management) P2 IRC2017 28/08/2013
Natural Resources Management Officer (Environmental Challenges and Safeguards) P2 2451-NRC 22/09/2011
Programme Officer P4 2450-TCS 14/10/2010
BUSINESS ANALYST P4 2390-CSA 04/10/2011
AGRICULTURAL OFFICER (Pesticide Management) P3 2367-AGP 10/09/2010
PUBLISHING OFFICER (Graphic Design) P3 2362-OEK 20/05/2011
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Professional Vacancies: Filled

01.01.2013 - 28.02.2014

IRC2080 - ESSDD Senior Statistician, (Food security and social statistics), P-5

IRC2081 - ESSDD Senior Statistician, (Economic statistics), P-5

IRC2083 - OIGDD Senior Auditor, P-5

IRC2086 - AGNDD Senior Officer (Food Safety Risk Assessment), P-5

IRC2096 - RAPDD Human Resources Officer, P-4

IRC2099 - AGNDD Nutrition Officer (Dietary Assessment), P-4

IRC2100 - RAPDD Senior Agricultural Officer (Rice Expert), P-5

IRC2101 - RAPDD Nutrition Officer, P-3

IRC2102 - CSPDD Junior Professional Officer (Communication), P-1

IRC2103 - CSPDD Junior Professional Officer (Aquaculture), P-1

IRC2105 - CSPDD Junior Professional Officer (Agro-Industry and Infrastructure), P-1

IRC2106 - CSPDD Junior Professional Officer (Climate Change-Agriculture and Land Use), P-1

IRC2107- CSPDD Junior Professional Officer - Natural Resources Management (Asia-Pacific), P-1

IRC2108 - CSPDD Junior Professional Officer (Fisheries and Aquaculture), P-1

IRC2110 - SNEMD Secretary, Commission for controlling the Desert Locust in the Western Region, P-4

IRC2112 - AGAHD Senior Animal Health Officer (Infectious Diseases/EMPRES), P-5

IRC2113 - SNEMD Plant Production and Protection Officer, P-3

IRC2115 - RNETD Senior Forestry Officer, P-5

IRC2117 - RAPOD Forest Resources Officer, P-3

IRC2118 - SFEMD Crop Production Officer, P-4

IRC2119 - RLCTD Forestry Officer, P-4

IRC2121 - RLCTD Communications Officer, P-3

IRC2122 - NRDCD Technical Officer (Biodiversity and Environment), P-3

IRC2127 - FIRFD Fishery Resources Officer, P-4

IRC2128 - FIRFD Fishery Resources Officer, P-3

IRC2131 - CIOOD Systems Support Officer, P-3

IRC2133 - LOGED Forestry Offcier (Industry and Markets), P-2

IRC2134 - CSFUD Finance Officer, P-3

IRC2136 - RNEDD Gender Officer (Agriculture and Rural Development), P-4

IRC2138 - FOEDD Forestry Officer (Forest Resources Tenure), P-3

IRC2139 - ESTDD Economist (Food Security Assessment and Early Warning, P-3

IRC2141 - ESTDD Economist (Commodities), P-3

IRC2142 - LEGAD Legal Officer, P-4

 IRC2143 - FIPMD Fishery Industry Officer, P-4

IRC2163 - FIPMD Fishery Industry Officer, P-4

IRC2165 - LEGDD Legal Officer (Legal database management/FAOLEX), P-3

IRC2166 - LEGND Legal Officer, P-3

IRC2203 - RAP1D Communication Officer, P-4

IRC2204 - RLCTD Food Security Officer, P-4

IRC2205 - AGSDD Agribusiness Officer (Agribusiness and Agro-Industry Strategies and Policies), P-3

IRC2206 - AGSDD Agribusiness Officer (Finance), P-3

IRC2207 - RAPOD Forestry Officer (Policy), P-4

IRC2208 - AGEDD Technical Officer (Soil and Water), P-4

IRC2213 - AGNCX Food Standards Officer, P-4

IRC2215 - SECMD Senior Fishery and Aquaculture Officer, P-5

IRC2217 - ESSDD Programme Officer, P-2

IRC2219 - AGSDD Agribusiness Officer (Enterprise Development), P-4

IRC2220 - FOEDD Forestry Officer (Forest Harvesting), P-4

IRC2233 - CSFCD Finance Officer, P-3

IRC2240 - PEDDD Evaluation Officer, P-4

IRC2241 - OCPDD Communications Officer, P-2

IRC2247 - RAFTD Senior Officer (Gender, Equality and Rural Development), P-5

IRC2250 - RAFTD Senior Economist (Trade Policy), P-5

IRC2253 - NRLDD Technical Officer (Water Quality), P-4

IRC2262 - NRCDD Land Tenure Officer, P-4

IRC2265 - OPCDD Partnership Officer (Monitoring/Right to Food), P-2

IRC2266 - NRLDD Technical Officer (Water Resources), P-4

 IRC2269 - CPAMD Programme Officer (Translation Outsourcing), P-3

IRC2271 - CPAMD Terminology Officer, P-3

IRC2272 - FIRAD Aquaculture Officer (Economics), P-3

IRC2279 - LEGPD Legal Officer, P-4

IRC2281 - ESADD Economist (Global Perspectives), P-3

IRC2282 - CSDUD Field Security Officer, P-2

IRC2285 - CSAPD Contracts Officer, P-4

IRC2287 - LOJAD Liaison Officer, P-4

IRC2297 - OPCDD Advocacy Officer (Gender and indigenous peoples), P-4

IRC2298 - RNETD Senior Water Resources and Irrigation Officer, P-5

IRC2303 - RAPDD Senior Statistician, P-5

IRC2321 - NNRLDD Technical Officer (Soil management and partnership), P-4

IRC2332 - ESNND Nutrition Officer, P-3

IRC2334 - FOMDD Forestry Officer (Forest Protection and Health), P-4

IRC2337 - OHRDD Staff Relations Officer, P-4

IRC2339 - LEGDD Ombudsman/Ethics Officer, P-5

IRC2345 - CSFDD Finance Officer, P-2  

IRC2357 - ESNND Senior Nutrition Officer (Policy), P-5

IRC2363 - FOEDD Forestry Officer (Food Security), P-2

IRC2365 - FOMDD Forestry Officer (Agroforestry and Urban/Periurban Forestry), P-4

IRC2383 - FLHAI Administrative and Finance Officer, P-3

IRC2385 - ESTDD Economist (Food Security Assessment and Early Warning), P-4

IRC2392 - CSSDD Human Resources Officer, P-3

IRC2431 - OCCDD Communication Officer, P-3 

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Only complete applications received through iRecruitment will be considered.

  • Professional staff are hired internationally and occupy leadership functions, or positions requiring significant technical expertise. Openings for professional jobs can be found at all duty stations where FAO is present.
  • All international professional staff job openings are listed above.  FAO particularly welcomes applications from women and individuals from Non- and Under-Represented Member Countries.