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Project Vacancies

Project Vacancies: Current

Title Grade Number Duty Station Expiry Date
Fishery Officer (iMarine) P3 FIPS-65-15-PRJ Rome, Italy 02/12/2015
Programme Officer (Operations) P3 FIDF-68-15-PRJ Rome, Italy 04/12/2015
Capacity Development Officer P3 OPC-67-15-PRJ Rome, Italy 08/12/2015

Project Vacancies: Closed

Title Grade Number Expiry Date
Programme Officer (Early Warning – Early Action ) P4 IRC2763 18/02/2015
Livestock Policy Officer (Environmental policies) P3 AGA-05-15-PRJ 10/02/2015
Programme Officer P2 FOM-06-15-PRJ 10/02/2015
Liaison Officer (CIS Agricultultural Trade Policy Network) P2 EST-02-15-PRJ 04/02/2015
Forestry Officer (Geospatial) P3 FOM-109-14-PRJ 03/02/2015
Policy Analyst (West Africa Region) P4 ESA-01-15-PRJ 31/01/2015
Coordinator (ACSA Facilitation Unit) P5 DDN-102-14-PRJ 30/01/2015
Operations Officer P3 FRMAG-95-14-PRJ 21/01/2015
Fishery Officer (Resources Assessment) P4 FIRF-107-14-PRJ 20/01/2015
Economist P4 ESA-103-14-PRJ 16/01/2015
Project Officer (Climate Change and Food Security) P3 NRC-106-14-PRJ 12/01/2015
Policy Analyst (East Africa Region) P4 ESA-98-14-PRJ 09/01/2015
Senior Programe Officer P5 FRSSD-91-14-PRJ 08/01/2015
Senior Fishery Officer (Global Fisheries and Operations Specialist) P5 FIDF-97-14-PRJ 07/01/2015
Information Technology Officer (System Analyst/Developer Global Record) P3 FIRO-104-14-PRJ 06/01/2015
Manager (Global Record) P4 FIRO-105-14-PRJ 06/01/2015
Senior Programme Coordinator (Sector Head Crops and Agribusiness) P5 FRKEN-101-14-PRJ 26/12/2014
Technical Officer (Technology, Information and Innovation Facilitation) P4 AGDT-99-14-PRJ 24/12/2014
Chief Technical Advisor P5 RNE-93-14-PRJ 23/12/2014
Senior Programme Coordinator (Livestock Sector) P5 FRKEN-100-14-PRJ 23/12/2014
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Project Vacancies: Cancelled

Title Grade Number Cancellation Date
Human Resources Officer (Insurance and Risk Management) P4 CSP-840-12-PRJ 27/06/2013
Policy Officer P4 TCSP-822-12-PRJ 08/08/2012
Communication Officer P3 NRC-775-12-PRJ 02/10/2012
Natural Resources Officer (UN-REDD Secretariat) P3 NRC-735-11-PRJ 16/02/2012
Communication Officer (Web and Social Media) P3 NRC-725-11-PRJ 17/02/2012
Economist (Strategic Planning) P4 TCI-680-11-PRJ 21/07/2011
Operations Officer P3 634-11-PRJ-TCES 07/10/2011
Project Coordinator (Animal Health) - Project GCP/PAK/123/USA - Support to Increase Sustainable Livestock Production P4 VA-610-10-PRJ-TCES 10/10/2011
System Analyst P4 CIOO-612-10-PRJ 01/08/2011

Complete a Personal History Form (available in A4 and letter formats), and send it to the address mentioned at the bottom of each vacancy announcement and quoting the vacancy announcement number in the subject title.

A cover letter can also be included as part of the application if desired. A separate application is necessary for each vacancy announcement.

  • Professional Project staff are recruited to respond to temporary FAO needs or projects outside of the FAO regular programme of work. They are internationally and locally hired on short-term assignments.
  • Please explore the list of project vacancies currently available at the Organization.
  • Please note that most announcements in this section will be posted in only one FAO language.