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Employment at FAO

FAO is dedicated to recruiting the best staff possible, hiring internationally minded people to carry out its work toward the eradication of hunger. We invite you to explore the opportunities and benefits of working with us.

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TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
Finance AssociateNational Project Post Quetta, PakistanIRC51321513292400
Nutrition AssociateNational Project Post Quetta, PakistanIRC51331513292400
GIS expert National Project Post Vientiane, LaosIRC51051513465200
Programme SpecialistNational Project Post Kyiv, UkraineIRC51061513465200
Programme Officer (Coordination)ProjectP4Italy, RomeIRC50721513551600
Forestry Officer (Fast-Tracking Nfm)ProjectP3Italy, RomeIRC50981513638000
Natural Resources OfficerProjectP2Italy, RomeIRC51031513638000
Translator/InterpreterConsultant Ankara, TurkeyIRC51341513724400
Translator/InterpreterConsultant Ankara, TurkeyIRC51351513724400
Farmer Field School FacilitatorsNational Project Post North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Orakzai Agency and Khyber AgencyIRC51361513810800
Team Leader- Farmer Field School FacilitatorNational Project Post PeshawarIRC51371513810800
Enterprise Development OfficerNational Project Post PeshawarIRC51381513810800
GIS SpecialistNational Project Post Quezon City, PhilippinesIRC51521513897200
Programme AssistantGeneral ServiceG5Georgia, TbilisiIRC50731513897200
TECHNICAL ASSISTANT National Project Post Lucknow, Indiairc51121514156400
Senior Fishery OfficerProjectP5Italy, RomeIRC50961514242800
Senior Programme Officer (Coordinator)ProfessionalP5Italy, RomeIRC50741514329200
Agricultural Officer (Rotterdam Convention Secretariat)ProjectP3Italy, RomeIRC49931514502000
Chief Technical AdviserProjectP5Yemen, Sana'aIRC50991514502000
Programme Officer (Operations)ProjectP3United Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiIRC51011514502000
Internship - FAO Headquarters Internship Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44321514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF)Internship Programme MultipleIRC44331514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44341514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44351514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44361514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44371514674800
Fellows - FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country Offices or Headquarters Fellowship Programme MultipleIRC44381514674800
Volunteer - FAO HeadquartersVolunteer Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44411514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF) and countries under RAFVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44421514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) and countries under RAPVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44441514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) and countries under REUVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44451514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) and countries under RLCVolunteer Programme MultipleRC44461514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) and countries under RNEVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44471514674800
Forestry Officer (Redd+ Advisor)ProjectP3Uganda, KampalaIRC50931515106800
Forestry Officer (Redd+/National Forest Inventory)ProjectP3The Democratic Republic of Congo, KinshasaIRC50941515106800
Forestry Officer (Redd+/National Forest Inventory)ProjectP3Liberia, MonroviaIRC50951515106800
Administrative OfficerProfessionalP4Nairobi, KenyaIRC44861515279600
Agricultural Officer (Ecosystem services and agroecology)ProfessionalP4Rome, Italy IRC51531515279600
Agricultural Officer (Agroecology)ProfessionalP4Rome, ItalyIRC51541515279600
Policy Officer (Food Systems)ProfessionalP4Chile, SantiagoIRC50611515452400

FAO particularly welcomes applications from qualified women
and from qualified nationals of Non-and Under-Represented Member Countries.