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Employment at FAO

FAO is dedicated to recruiting the best staff possible, hiring internationally minded people to carry out its work toward the eradication of hunger. We invite you to explore the opportunities and benefits of working with us.

FAO Current Vacancies

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
Programme and Projects Officer (Resilience)ProfessionalP4Accra, GhanaIRC45121506031200
Land Tenure OfficerProjectP3Freetown, Sierra LeoneIRC45161506031200
Subregional Coordinator for the Gulf Cooperation Council States & YemenSeniorD-1Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesIRC45531506031200
Senior Resilience OfficerProjectP5Beirut, LebanonIRC45141506031200
Chief Technical Adviser (Project Manager)ProjectP5Cairo, EgyptIRC45181506031200
Publications coordinatorConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46301506204000
Fishery Consultant (FIRST Programme) Consultant Abuja, NigeriaIRC45571506204000
Agricultural Officer (Integrated Food Chain Threats Early Warning Analyst)ProfessionalP3Rome, ItalyIRC45231506290400
Agricultural Officer (Locust Management)ProfessionalP4Rome, ItalyIRC45331506290400
Senior Policy OfficerProjectP5Beirut, LebanonIRC45761506290400
Gender SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46171506290400
Information and Communication Technology SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46181506290400
Training SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46191506290400
Agricultural Extension and Policy SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46201506290400
YPARD Global CoordinatorConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46211506290400
GIAHS Programme SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46221506290400
Trade Policy ConsultantConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46231506290400
Trade Analysis ConsultantConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46241506290400
Food Chain Crisis Communication ConsultantConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46261506290400
Procurement Consultant, Category AConsultant VariousIRC46271506290400
Procurement Consultant, Category BConsultant VariousIRC46281506290400
Procurement Consultant, Category CConsultant VariousIRC46291506290400
International Evaluation Expert/Team LeaderConsultant Phnom Penh, CambodiaIRC46131506290400
Project Manager (GCP/GAZ/014/MUL)Consultant JerusalemIRC46321506376800
Project Manager – Sanitary and Phytosanitary MeasuresConsultant JerusalemIRC46331506376800
Reporting and Communications ConsultantConsultant JerusalemIRC46341506376800
Agro-Industry Officer (Agribusiness And Value Chains)ProjectP4Beirut, LebanonIRC45081506463200
Agricultural Officer (Plant Production And Protection)ProjectP4Beirut, LebanonIRC45091506463200
Rural Institutions OfficerProjectP4Beirut, LebanonIRC45101506463200
Natural Resources Officer (Climate Change)ProjectP4Beirut, LebanonIRC45151506463200
Programme Associate General ServiceG6Ankara, TurkeyIRC45171506463200
Technical AdviserProjectP4Vanuatu, VanuatuIRC45251506463200
Technical Adviser (Regional Epidemiology Coordinator)ProjectP3Bangkok, ThailandIRC45261506463200
Emergency and Rehabilitation OfficerProjectP3Rome, Italy IRC45641506463200
Animal Production Officer (Pastoralism)ProfessionalP4Rome, ItalyIRC45311506636000
EconomistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46721506636000
GCF Concept Note FormulatorConsultant Home-based IRC46731506636000
Economist (agricultural policy analyst)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC46751506636000
Energy-Smart Food ConsultantsConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46761506636000
Economist (Quantitative Methods)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC46771506636000
Senior Fishery Officer (Deep-Sea Fisheries Project Coordinator)ProjectP5Rome, ItalyIRC45341506636000
GEF Project Design ExpertsConsultant Various locationsIRC44541506722400
Language Teacher (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC45911506722400
Disposal of Obsolete Pesticide Expert Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC44571506722400
Pesticide Management Expert Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC44581506722400
Econometric analysis specialist Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC44831506722400
Senior Experts for the Evaluation TeamConsultant Home-basedIRC44991506722400
International Security OfficerConsultant Baghdad, IraqIRC46151506722400
Senior Emergency Response CoordinatorConsultant Erbil, IraqIRC46161506722400
StatisticianProfessionalP4Cairo, EgyptIRC44511506722400
Global Call for Expression of Interest - FAO Temporary General Service Positions General Service Rome, ItalyIRC39831506722400
CFW Project ConsultantConsultant Erbil, IraqIRC46351506722400
Operations SpecialistConsultant Erbil, IraqIRC4636 1506722400
International GEF Project Design ExpertConsultant Erbil, Iraq IRC46371506722400
Procurement and IT SpecialistConsultant Erbil, Iraq IRC4638 1506722400
Development Law ExpertsConsultant VariousIRC45701506722400
Senior Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Monitoring Consultant (FIRST Programme) Consultant Home-based IRC46781506895200
Policy Support Consultant (FIRST Programme) Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC46791506895200
GCF Project Formulation Technical ExpertConsultant Nairobi, KenyaIRC46801506981600
Finance SpecialistConsultant Erbil, IraqIRC46811506981600
National Expert (Climate Change Capacity Development and Mainstreaming)Consultant Port Vila, VanuatuIRC46831506981600
Programme AssociateConsultant Budapest, HungaryIRC46841506981600
Food Safety Risk Assessment AdviserConsultant Home-basedIRC46851507068000
Consultant (e) International (e), Chargé (e) des OperationsConsultant TchadIRC46861507068000
Programme Consultant, Category BConsultant VariousIRC46881507068000
Programme Consultant, Category CConsultant VariousIRC46891507068000
Economist (Agricultural Policies and Climate Change)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC46141507154400
Expert on biodiversity mainstreamingConsultant Rome, Italy or home IRC46921507154400
Roster: Agroecology Team ConsultantsConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46951507154400
Expert in Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Trade in Tropical FruitsConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC46961507154400
Food Safety SpecialistConsultant Cairo, EgyptIRC46971507154400
Reporting Consultant Consultant Juba, South SudanIRC46981507240800
Consultant (Bhutan Country Programme Evaluation)Consultant Home-based, Rome, Bangkok and/or BhutanIRC47001507240800
Fuelwood Production Economics Expert Consultant Colombo, Sri LankaIRC46821507413600
Legal Record & Information SpecialistsConsultant Decentralised Office or home-basedIRC46741508018400
Expert international en appui institutionnel Consultant Bamako, MaliIRC46991508623200
Internship - FAO Headquarters Internship Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44321514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF)Internship Programme MultipleIRC44331514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44341514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44351514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44361514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44371514674800
Fellows - FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country Offices or Headquarters Fellowship Programme MultipleIRC44381514674800
Volunteer - FAO HeadquartersVolunteer Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44411514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF) and countries under RAFVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44421514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) and countries under RAPVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44441514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) and countries under REUVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44451514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) and countries under RLCVolunteer Programme MultipleRC44461514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) and countries under RNEVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44471514674800

FAO particularly welcomes applications from qualified women
and from qualified nationals of Non-and Under-Represented Member Countries.