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Employment at FAO

FAO is dedicated to recruiting the best staff possible, hiring internationally minded people to carry out its work toward the eradication of hunger. We invite you to explore the opportunities and benefits of working with us.

FAO Current Vacancies

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
Chief Technical Adviser (FAO-SWALIM)ProjectP5Mogadishu, SomaliaIRC46551508277600
Programme Officer (Resilience And Social Protection Coordinator)ProjectP4Mogadishu, SomaliaIRC46561508277600
Policy Engagement SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy or home-basedIRC47441508277600
Administrative AssistantGeneral Service Georgia, TbilisiIRC47421508277600
Donor Liaison & Resource Mobilization OfficerConsultant Kabul, Afghanistan IRC47451508277600
Standard setting supportConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC47311508364000
Project AssociateNational Project Post Islamabad, PakistanIRC47501508364000
Project Manager/ Team LeaderConsultant Kabul, Afghanistan IRC47491508364000
Monitoring & Evaluation OfficerConsultant Kabul, AfghanistanIRC47511508364000
Economist (policy modeler)Consultant Rome, Italy or home-basedIRC47521508364000
Emergency Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultant, Category CConsultant Various duty stationsIRC47591508364000
Gender SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46171508364000
Emergency Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultant, Category BConsultant Various duty stationsIRC47601508364000
Information and Communication Technology SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46181508364000
Training SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46191508364000
Agricultural Extension and Policy SpecialistConsultant Ankara, Turkey IRC46201508364000
Digital Communication SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48291508450400
Economist (Country Monitoring)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC47611508450400
Economist (Price Monitoring and Analysis)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC47621508450400
Project Coordinator (Global Veterinary Epidemiology CapacitiesConsultant Rome/ItalyIRC47631508450400
Veterinary Epidemiologist Consultant Rome/ItalyIRC47641508450400
Veterinary Epidemiologist Consultant Rome/ItalyIRC47651508450400
International Consultant (Laboratory Specialist / Technician)Consultant Kabul, AfghanistanIRC47681508450400
Forced Migration and Protracted Crises ExpertConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC47531508450400
International Consultant (Team Leader)Consultant Kabul, AfghanistanIRC47701508450400
International Consultant (Irrigation Design Engineer)Consultant Kabul, AfghanistanIRC47711508450400
International Consultant (Resilience Humanitarian Policy Officer / Expert)Consultant Kabul, AfghanistanIRC47721508450400
International Consultant (GIS / LRIMS) ExpertConsultant Cairo, EgyptIRC47731508450400
Consultant en appui à la formulation de programmeConsultant Antananarivo, MadagascarIRC48751508536800
Evaluation Consultants (Team Leader)Consultant Home-basedIRC48501508623200
Evaluation Consultant (Team Member, Zimbabwe Nationals)Consultant Home-based IRC48511508623200
Senior Fishery Officer (Deep-Sea Fisheries Project Coordinator)ProjectP5Rome, ItalyIRC45341508623200
Expert international en appui institutionnel Consultant Bamako, MaliIRC46991508623200
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for AgricultureConsultant Rome, Italy and home-basedIRC4775 1508709600
Decent Rural Employment SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy or as requiredIRC47771508709600
Land ConsultantConsultant Rome, Italy or other locationsIRC47781508709600
Statistical/Research AssociateGeneral ServiceG6Victoria, SeychellesIRC45871508709600
Technical Adviser (Mozambique's Forest Investment Plan/Mozfip)ProjectP4Maputo, MozambiqueIRC45881508709600
Partnerships, South-South Cooperation, Advocacy and Capacity Development ExpertsConsultant Rome, Italy47811508709600
Food Systems and Value Chains Analyst Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48131508796000
Digital Innovation AnalystConsultant RomeIRC48111508796000
Senior User Experience DesignerConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48151508796000
Nutrition and Food Systems Policy Specialist Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48141508796000
e-Agricultural and electronic Value ChainConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48161508796000
Senior Web Developer – Technical leader-Product ownerConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48171508796000
System DevelopmentConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48181508796000
Nutrition Assessment SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48191508796000
ERP SupportConsultant Rome HQIRC48201508796000
Unified Communications SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48211508796000
Unified CommunicationsConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48231508796000
Food Education and Behavioural Strategies Specialist Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48221508796000
Financial and Programme Support SpecialistConsultant Rome HQIRC48241508796000
UX/UI DesignerConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48251508796000
Post-harvest Management, Food Loss and Waste and Urban Food Systems Specialists Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48261508796000
Information/Database Administration and ManagementConsultant Rome HQIRC48271508796000
Windows Systems SupportConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48281508796000
Remote sensing and GIS specialistConsultant Rome, Italy or other locationsIRC47821508796000
Remote sensing and GIS specialistConsultant Rome, Italy or other locationsIRC47831508796000
Applications SupportConsultant Rome HQIRC47851508796000
Cloud Operations SpecialistConsultant Rome HQIRC47881508796000
Collaboration Technology ITConsultant RomeIRC47901508796000
IT Assets Management SpecialistConsultant Rome - HQIRC47891508796000
Customer RelationshipsConsultant Rome initially and potentially one of FAO’s major FAO Decentralized OfficesIRC47911508796000
Developer (PHP Web)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC47871508796000
IT CommunicationConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47921508796000
IT Deployment and AssetsConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47941508796000
Data EngineerConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC47931508796000
IT Design and Technology OfficerConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47961508796000
IT Security Engineer AnalystConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47971508796000
Developer (SharePoint) Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC47951508796000
IT Security Engineer SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47981508796000
IT Support SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC47991508796000
Developer (Web and Mobile)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC48001508796000
Linux system administratorConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48011508796000
Developer (Web)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC48021508796000
Network AdministrationConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48031508796000
Developer (Backend)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC48061508796000
Developer (Frontend)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC48071508796000
Developer (Full-stack JavaScript)Consultant FAO HQ, Rome ItalyIRC48081508796000
DevOps EngineerConsultant FAO HQ, Rome, ItalyIRC48041508796000
Oracle eBS Technical DeveloperConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48101508796000
Programme and Contract Management SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48121508796000
IT Solutions ArchitectConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48331508882400
IT Solutions CoordinatorConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48341508882400
Project ManagerConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48361508882400
Senior GIS SpecialistConsultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48371508882400
Corporate Environmental Responsibility SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48351508882400
Junior Interior Designer Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48381508882400
Junior ArchitectConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48391508882400
Gender Mainstreaming SpecialistConsultant VariousIRC48401508882400
Pastoralism Specialist Consultant RomeIRC48411508882400
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Specialist (Levels B and C)Consultant VariousIRC48421508882400
Communication Specialist (Internal Communications)Consultant Rome headquartersIRC48431508882400
Quantitative economic analysis research assistant (C level)Consultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48461508882400
Economist / Econometrician (Social Protection and Impact Evaluation)Consultant Rome, Italy, HQIRC48471508882400
Social Protection Consultant (Policy and Programme) - Levels B and CConsultant VariousIRC48481508882400
Emergency Needs Assessment Consultant, Category BConsultant Various duty stationsIRC48531508968800
Strategy and Planning ConsultantConsultant RomeIRC48541508968800
Emergency Needs Assessment Consultant, Category CConsultant Various duty stationsIRC48551508968800
Livestock Economists / Livestock Data AnalystsConsultant VariousIRC48571508968800
Expert en protection sociale et résilience (en appui au renforcement du rôle de la protection sociale dans l’Agriculture ) Consultant Bamako, MaliIRC48561508968800
SENIOR EVALUATION CONSULTANTSConsultant Home-basedIRC48591508968800
Technical Advisor/Writer (CGRFA) - State of the World’s Biodiversity Consultant Rome, Italy or home IRC48601508968800
Corporate Environmental Responsibility SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48621508968800
Consultants d’évaluation Consultant ChadIRC48611508968800
Junior ArchitectConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48631508968800
International Consultant – Food SafetyConsultant Dhaka, BangladeshIRC48641508968800
Junior Interior DesignerConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48651508968800
Climate Smart Agriculture SpecialistConsultant Nay Pyi Taw, MyanmarIRC48671508968800
Tenure Governance Advisor (VGGT)Consultant Karachi, PakistanIRC48701509055200
YPARD Communications and network mobiliserConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48731509055200
Natural Resources OfficerProjectP2Geneva, SwitzerlandIRC47271509055200
Consultant Finance OfficerConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48741509055200
Senior Fishery Officer (IOTC Compliance Manager)ProjectP5Victoria, SeychellesIRC45851509318000
Senior Fishery Officer (IOTC Science Manager)ProjectP5Victoria, SeychellesIRC45861509318000
International Strategy Expert on Governance Re-structuring of the Wine SectorConsultant Home-based with visits to GeorgiaIRC48771509318000
Fishery and Aquaculture OfficerProfessionalP4Bridgetown, BarbadosIRC45891509318000
Secretariat focal point assisting the Chair of the Committee on World Food SecurityConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48781509318000
Programme Officer (Programme Coordinator)ProjectP4Cairo, EgyptIRC45961509318000
Outreach and Communication SpecialistConsultant Italy, Rome, FAO HQIRC48791509318000
Communication Specialist (various profiles)Consultant Italy, Rome, FAO HQIRC48801509318000
Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) ConsultantConsultant Home-basedIRC48841509404400
ECTAD Country Team LeaderConsultant Various duty stationsIRC48861509404400
Publications ManagerConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48871509404400
Cropping Systems Specialist (Agronomist)Consultant Italy, Rome FAO HQ or Home basedIRC48811509404400
Knowledge management specialist (librarian)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48851509404400
Document TechnicianConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48891509404400
Project Support SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48881509404400
Metadata SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48901509404400
Project CoordinatorConsultant Angola, HuamboIRC48911509490800
Field Farmers School Monitoring and Evaluation expertConsultant Angola, Bié ProvinceIRC48921509490800
Community Development Field Farmers School expertConsultant Angola, Malange ProvinceIRC48931509490800
Agricultural Engineer (Sustainable Mechanization)Consultant Rome, ItalyIRC48941509490800
Rural and Urban Crop and Mechanization Systems (TEAM Consultants)Consultant Rome ItalyIRC48951509490800
Field Operations Coordinator in the Gaza StripConsultant Gaza CityIRC48961509490800
Fisheries ConsultantConsultant Home based with travel to IOTC eventsIRC48971509490800
Climate Change SpecialistConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC48981509490800
Rural Finance SpecialistConsultant Rome or FAO decentralized officeIRC49011509490800
Expert en REDD+ Consultant Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire IRC49021509490800
Chargé des Opérations d’Urgence de de RésilienceConsultant Bamako, MaliIRC48991509490800
Community Mobilization and Empowerment SpecialistConsultant Rome or FAO decentralized officeIRC49031509490800
Coordonnateur Principal des OpérationsConsultant Bamako, MaliIRC49041509490800
Conseiller (ère) Technique Principal(e)Consultant Bamako, MaliIRC49061509490800
Rural Institutions and Services SpecialistConsultant Rome or FAO decentralized officeIRC49071509490800
Chargé des OpérationsConsultant Bamako, MaliIRC49081509490800
CONSULTANTS – FISHING OPERATIONS AND TECHNOLOGYConsultant Rome, Italy (or other location)IRC47571509836400
Plant Genetic Resources SpecialistConsultant Rome ItalyIRC49001510095600
Agriculture OfficerProfessionalP2Addis Ababa, EthiopiaIRC35561510527600
General Legal Affairs ExpertsConsultant FAO Headquarters in Rome, FAO Decentralised Offices or home-basedIRC47561510700400
Technical Consultant (Various) Consultant VariousIRC47741510700400
Internship - FAO Headquarters Internship Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44321514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF)Internship Programme MultipleIRC44331514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44341514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44351514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44361514674800
Internship - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) Internship Programme MultipleIRC44371514674800
Fellows - FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country Offices or Headquarters Fellowship Programme MultipleIRC44381514674800
Volunteer - FAO HeadquartersVolunteer Programme Rome, ItalyIRC44411514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF) and countries under RAFVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44421514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) and countries under RAPVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44441514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) and countries under REUVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44451514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) and countries under RLCVolunteer Programme MultipleRC44461514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa (RNE) and countries under RNEVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44471514674800

FAO particularly welcomes applications from qualified women
and from qualified nationals of Non-and Under-Represented Member Countries.