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Volunteering with FAO

  • Are you interested in contributing your time towards a good cause?
  • FAO is actively seeking volunteers to work in its worldwide offices in various capacities.
  • If selected for the Volunteer Programme, you will be asked to work in areas according to your qualifications and the needs of the Organization. 
  • Please read below to learn more about volunteering with FAO.

General Requirements


Important considerations

  • Minimum 18 years of age;
  • Citizen of a FAO Member Nation;
  • Have appropriate residence or immigration status in the country of assignment ;
  • Fluency in one of the working languages of FAO office of assignment - the FAO working languages are English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian;
  • Not bear any of the following relationships to other staff members: father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister.
  • Volunteers are not paid by the Organization;
  • The costs and organization of travel, accommodation and living expenses both to reach the duty station and during assignment are the responsibility of the Volunteer.


  • Candidates should preferably have an academic interest in the mandate and subjects of the Organization;
  • Assignments under the FAO Volunteer Programme are not designed to lead to a staff position within the Organization;
  • FAO will provide volunteers with documentation certifying that the individual is a volunteer with FAO. This can be used to obtain a visa if necessary;
  • Medical/Health: Volunteers receive insurance and compensation exclusively for service-incurred illness, injury or death.

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and completed FAO Personal History Form to: Volunteer-Programme-Applications@fao.org.

Applications will be reviewed by the Human Resources Management Division and will be retained for a maximum of six months. Only successful candidates will be contacted by FAO.

Conditions of Service

Assignments should normally be from three to six months in any twelve- month period.  At the end of the assignment, the volunteer will receive a certificate of participation. The FAO volunteer programme is independent from the United Nations volunteer programme. Volunteers are not staff members of the Organization. A former volunteer may not be employed by the Organization under any type of contractual arrangement for at least six months following the completion of the volunteer assignment.