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Name:  Shaun Suitor
Position: Volunteer, Forest Resource Analysis
Duty Station:  Rome, Italy
Nationality: Australian

  1. What prompted you to apply for a position at FAO?
    I worked in agricultural and forestry research and forest policy for several organizations in my home country and would like to work abroad in a similar field for an international organization. So, I thought that a good way to test the waters would be to undertake a sabbatical with the FAO Forestry Department. This would allow me to see if I like the work, what the requirements are and identify what the entry points to an organization such as FAO are. My work place in Melbourne (Department of Sustainability and Environment) was kind enough to give me the time off to do this.

  2.  What are you most proud of in your work?
    It is great to work for an organization that is at the coal face of international natural resource management and to work with a team of people highly committed to their duties, and on a project that has clear, tangible outcomes (Forest Resource Analysis). I also really enjoy the day to day interactions with people from various cultures.

  3. What does a normal day at work look like for you?
    I am writing a working paper analyzing forest monitoring processes to determine best practice,   developing and comparing case studies from numerous countries. So a normal day involves a lot of reading and writing, repeating what I say with my strong accent and 3 to 4 coffees! 
  4. What advice would you give someone wishing to join FAO?
    Identify and area of work that aligns with your interests and expertise or is an area in which you would like to gain experience. Then find someone in FAO who works in that area (the FAO website is pretty good) and start a dialogue with them.

    Ciao amici