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Organization Overview

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FAO is an intergovernmental organization with 191 Member Nations, two associate members and one member organization, the European Union.

Besides its headquarters in Rome, FAO is present in over 130 countries. The decentralized network includes 5 regional offices, 11 sub regional offices, 1 multidisciplinary team, 74 fully fledged country offices (excluding those hosted in regional and sub-regional offices), 8 offices with technical officers/FAO Representatives, and 36 countries covered through multiple accreditation. In addition, the Organization maintains five liaison offices and four information offices in developed countries.

FAO employs more than 1800 professional staff (including Associate Professional Officers and National Professional Officers) and over 1800 support staff. Figures only refer to staff holding fixed term and continuing appointments. Over the past, the proportion of women in the professional staff category has more than doubled, from 16 percent to 35 percent. 

FAO is composed of seven departments: Agriculture and Consumer Protection; Economic and Social Development; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Forestry; Corporate Services, Human Resources and Finance; Natural Resources Management and Environment; and Technical Cooperation.

FAO in the field
FAO programmes have two main funding sources: assessed contributions funded by FAO Member Nations, and voluntary contributions received from multilateral and bilateral resource partners, including IFIs, other UN system Organizations, Funds and Programmes. Government cooperative programs provide the largest amount of project funding for the 2500+ projects implemented each year.  For more details including specific project information and a breakdown of funding, please click here.

For a brief history of FAO, please click here.