Safe Access to Firewood and alternative Energy sources (SAFE)

FAO was a member of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Task Force on SAFE which was established in March 2007 with the aim to ‘reduce exposure to violence, contribute to the protection of and ease the burden on those populations collecting wood in humanitarian settings worldwide, through solutions which will promote safe access to appropriate energy and reduce environmental impacts while ensuring accountability’. Firewood collection and charcoal production puts an increased strain on already fragile environments, contributing to soil erosion, desertification and proneness to natural disasters such as droughts and floods, and to loss of agricultural livelihoods.

FAO remains engaged in SAFE activities and is currently participating in the SAFE Reference Group which was established in 2012. FAO’s response to the cooking needs of assisted populations in emergency and recovery contexts aims to increase resilience in disaster-prone areas, and support the transition from emergency to rehabilitation through a focus on the environment and natural resources management, and livelihood activities.

last updated:  Wednesday, February 20, 2013