GBEP Secretariat

The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) is an international initiative established in 2005 as a response to a G8 mandate - renewed in the following G8 Summits –  and is a forum where voluntary cooperation works towards consensus amongst governments, intergovernmental organizations and other partners in the areas of the sustainability of bioenergy and its contribution to climate change mitigation. It also provides a platform for sharing information and examples of good practice.

The main objectives of the Global Bioenergy Partnership are to:

• promote global high-level dialogue on bioenergy policy-related issues and facilitate international cooperation;
• support national and regional bioenergy policy discussions and market development;
• favour the transformation of biomass use towards more efficient and sustainable practices;
• foster exchange of information and skills through bilateral and multilateral collaboration; and
• facilitate bioenergy integration into energy markets by tackling barriers in the supply chain.

For more information, go to the GBEP web site

last updated:  Wednesday, February 20, 2013