Tools and Resources

Web-based Tools

Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) Operator Level Tool

The BEFS Approach includes the web-based BEFS Operator Level Tool, which can provide a preliminary indication of potential risks and benefits for food security from agricultural/bioenergy investments. The tool, which is available in English, French and Spanish, can be used by national and local authorities to screen proposed investments; by development banks in the evaluation of investment proposals; and by investors as an ex-ante self-assessment tool. It includes  indicators addressing key environmental and socio-economic dimensions relevant for food security. For each indicator, benchmarks and thresholds are provided

The GBEP Clearing House on GHG methodologies for lifecycle analysis of bioenergy

The Clearing House is a platform to exchange information on the implementation and testing of the GBEP Common Methodological Framework for GHG Lifecycle Analysis of Bioenergy, to allow users to share documents and studies, as well as to learn from other users’ experience

Analytical tools to assess and unlock sustainable bioenergy potential - GBEP database

This searchable database can help decision-makers to organize and synthesize the collected information for use in supporting their decisions related to sustainable bioenergy

Financing options for bioenergy projects and programmes - GBEP database

This searchable database aims at facilitating access to financing for bioenergy for sustainable development at the project, programme and sectoral level in developing countries. It gives the opportunity to identify selection criteria and bioenergy project characteristics that should be fulfilled to receive financing

Web-based Resources

Woodfuel Integrated Supply/Demand Overview Mapping (WISDOM)

WISDOM is a spatial-explicit method for highlighting and determining priority areas of intervention and supporting wood energy / bioenergy planning and policy formulation

GBEP Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy

The 24 voluntary sustainability indicators for bioenergy provide a comprehensive yet practical mean of evaluating the impacts of bioenergy production and use in a country with a view to informing policy development

BEFS Compilation of Good Environmental Practices

BEFS has compiled a set of good environmental practices that can be implemented by bioenergy feedstock producers so as to minimize the risk of negative environmental impacts from their operations, and to ensure that modern bioenergy delivers on its climate change mitigation potential

BEFS Compilation of Good Socio-economic Practices

BEFS has carried out a survey of bioenergy producers in order to gather examples of the implementation of good socio-economic practices in this sector

BEFS Compilation of Bioenergy Sustainability Initiatives

Over the past few years, numerous initiatives have been developed to address the environmental and socio-economic impacts associated with the production of biofuels or of specific biofuel feedstocks. BEFS reviewed seventeen of these initiatives, including regulatory frameworks, voluntary standards/certification schemes, and scorecards

FAO Support Package to Decision-Making for Sustainable Bioenergy

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