BEFS Rapid Appraisal

The BEFS Rapid Appraisal (RA) consists of a set of easily applicable methodologies and user-friendly tools which allow countries to get an initial indication of their sustainable bioenergy potential and of the associated opportunities, risks and trade-offs.

The tools of the BEFS RA assist policy makers/technical officers in:

  • Outlining the country energy, agriculture and food security context;
  • Outlining the sustainable bioenergy options of interest;
  • Obtaining initial estimates of which sustainable bioenergy supply chains are viable in the country, based on economic profitability, financial viability, investment requirements, labour implications and smallholder inclusion; and
  • Identifying options of interest that require more in-depth analysis, e.g. through the BEFS Detailed Analysis.

The BEFS RA covers the whole biofuel supply chain from feedstock production to processing plant gate. In the case of electricity, distribution is addressed as well. It considers all bioenergy options including solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels and covers the following energy end uses: intermediate or final products, heating and cooking, rural electrification, heat and power, and transport. Feedstock options investigated comprise agricultural residues, woodfuel and wood residues, and crops.

last updated:  Thursday, April 14, 2016