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Water-Energy-Food Nexus Rapid Appraisal

The Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus Rapid Appraisal, based on the Nexus Assessment, provides a quick way to assess specific interventions against the bio-economic pressure of the context (a country in this case) where they are implemented. The nexus context assessment makes use of data publicly available in databases managed by international organizations.

This simple online version of the WEF Nexus rapid Appraisal tool should be used for communication and awareness raising purposes. It shows how interventions can be assessed, hence compared, using the WEF Nexus Assessment. We have illustrated this with a power irrigation, a bioenergy, a hydropower and a water desalination intervention. Users can assign weights (0 to 3) to different indicators on the basis of the importance they assign to them, can add new indicators, and can define different benchmarks, both for the context assessment and for the intervention assessment.

More details on the Nexus Assessment 1.0, which can be used at different levels and scales in a participatory manner, can be found here.