How to download / listen to audio clips

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For radio broadcast, all audio material can be received through an ISDN line (multistandard: G722/MPEG II/64Kb/sec or 128Kb/sec) or through the FAO Radio Studio telephone line.

The telephone line is: +39 06 5705 3749
The ISDN line is: +39 06 57 28 43 17

Listen to the clips
To play RealAudio files requires RealPlayer software - Free Download

To play mp3 files requires any mp3 player software:

Realplayer - Free Download

Winamp - Free Download

Windows Media Player - Free Download

Quicktime Player - Free Download

For assistance, please contact:

Liliane Kambirigi, In charge of Information and radio production, tel: +39 06 570 53223, E-mail:

Eric Deleu, Radio production Assistant, tel.: + 39 06 570 56863, E-mail: