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FAO sets up trust fund for food security


FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf


FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf has established the FAO Trust Fund for Food Security and for Emergency Prevention of Transboundary Pests and Diseases of Animals and Plants to increase the flow of resources to fight hunger. Establishment of the Trust Fund comes in response to the slow progress in realizing the 1996 World Food Summit goal of reducing by half the number of hungry people in the world.

The Fund will be financed by voluntary contributions made by governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The initial target for the fund is US$500 million.

Projects financed by the Trust Fund will assist governments in initiating and strengthening sustainable means of increasing food availability in low-income food-deficit countries (LIFDCs); and strengthening surveillance and control of transboundary animal diseases that threaten food security in affected countries.

Projects will be formulated by FAO with the governments concerned, in close cooperation with donors and all relevant parties in the countries.

17 July 2001

In Genoa, the FAO Director-General will ask the G8 to reverse the trend of declining resources allocated to development and contribute generously to the recently established FAO Trust Fund for Food Security. Listen to an excerpt from Mr Diouf's recent press conference on the subject (3 min. 1 sec.). Realaudio (202Kb), Mp3 (1360Kb)

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