19 February 2003, Rome -- A new monthly e-bulletin on food safety and quality is just a click away. The Food Safety and Quality Update provides valuable information on the latest developments in the field, including new projects, upcoming meetings and workshops, and recent reports and publications.

The provision of a safe and nutritious food supply for all is of utmost importance to people in both developed and developing countries. Food safety can only be achieved if appropriate standards and regulations are applied throughout the food production chain. Careful planning and the joint efforts of both international organizations, including FAO, and food experts around the world are essential. The newsletter aims to promote better collaboration between these players.

"The idea is to be proactive," explains Ezzedine Boutrif, Senior Officer in FAO's Food Quality and Standards Service, "and draw attention to issues and documents that are important to food safety professionals. We want to facilitate the retrieval of such information and its use by those who are most concerned."

Each month subscribers receive an e-mail message containing the table of contents of the full bulletin, available for download in PDF format from the Web. While targeted to food safety experts, the newsletter is available to anyone wishing to subscribe.

The updates are multilingual, with extracts in English, French and Spanish, according to the language of the report, project or publication featured. Links are provided to useful Web sites for those readers seeking further information on a given topic.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to mailserv@mailserv.fao.org

Leave the subject line blank and write in the first line of the message: subscribe FOOD-SAFETY-L.


John Riddle
Information Officer, FAO
+(39) 06 570 53259