Conference on "Mother Earth: Food, Agriculture and Environment"

The UNESCO Week on "Education for Sustainable Development 2012" (19-25 November)
21 November 2012, University "La Sapienza", Rome

The conference on "Mother Earth: Food, Agriculture and Environment", which gathers experts in nutrition and sustainability as well as institutional representatives, was the central event of the UNESCO Week on "Education for Sustainable Development 2012" held as every year in November.

The subject of the conference was food and nutrition with associated issues such as: agriculture, respect for the land (territory), biodiversity, health, sustainable management of natural resources, reduction of waste, reduction of the ecological footprint, sustainable and equitable patterns of production and consumption, short chain, zero kilometer, reducing packaging, traditions and knowledge of the people, the global distribution of raw materials and food.

The ERP coordinator emphasized the role of education as a basis for new models of development in order to reach food security, keeping in mind the requirements of the environmental sustainability of the area. In particular, he presented the current challenges and responses to access to education and training.

The meeting discussed the contribution from public and private policies and initiatives, forms of production and consumption, research and innovation in the food industry, and the role of the civil society in dealing with the complexity of the issues related to food.

The conference was attended by different stakeholders (shareholders)- institutions, schools, associations, companies, foundations and universities.

The conference was presented by Giovanni Puglisi, President of the Italian National Commission, Vincenzo Naso, Director CIRPS, Sapienza University of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Province of Rome, Mario Pianesi, President of UPM a macrobiotic point, Gianni Mattioli, President of scientific Committee for the DESD - the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.