Il partenariato "Educazione delle Popolazioni Rurali (ERP)"

Sede centrale della FAO :

Lavinia Gasperini, E-mail:[email protected]

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO
Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension
FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy

FAO Regional Contacts for Education for Rural People Programming

Regional Office

Regional Office for Africa
P.O. Box 1628 Accra, Ghana

Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean
Vera Boerger
Communication for Development Education and Extension Officer Casilla 10095 Santiago, Chile Email: [email protected]

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Malcolm Hazelman
Senior Agricultural Education and Extension Officer
39 Phra Atit Road Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Email: [email protected]

Regional Office for the Near East
Agricultural Education and Extension Officer
P.O. Box 2223 Cairo, Egypt

Sub regional Office

Subregional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa
P.O. Box 3730 Harare, Zimbabwe

Subregional Office for the Caribbean
William Seiders
Second Floor United Nations House Marine Gardens Christ Church Barbados