"Knowledge and Food for All: Education for Rural People"

17 Sep 12

University of Bergamo,
Sant’Agostino seat, Room 6

October 10th 2012

Time: 10 - 13

The event, organized by the Research Center on International Co-operation of the University of
Bergamo, within the FAO, led Education for Rural People (ERP) Partnership, addresses the
interdependency between some of today's main challenges to sustainable development such as hunger,
poverty and rural development in least developed countries, and education for rural people, and the
role of women, with a focus on microfinance.

- Lavinia Gasperini, Senior Officer, Agricultural Education, FAO
- Manuela Allara, Agricultural Officer, Integrated Pest Management, FAO
- Laura Viganò,
Director of the Research Center on International Cooperation, Università di Bergamo

To make a reservation, please contact the Research Group "FinDev - Finance and Development" of
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